Caller ID / Outgoing Calls - Why does Caller ID setting prevent Outgoing Calls Sometimes but not Others?

I typically have my Caller ID set to “Hide Number” via the “Additional Settings” menu. Every once in a while, I am unable to make outgoing calls — upon dialing, I hear a ‘busy signal.’ As discussed elsewhere on the forum, changing the Caller ID setting to “Network Default” addresses the problem and allows outgoing calls to be made.

However, I haven’t been able to locate an explanation as to why this problem only happens sometimes? After a few days, I will change my setting back to “Hide Number” and go a few months before encountering the same problem. Does any community member know specifically why this problem will pop-up seemingly out of the blue? Is it something to do with the network? wifi? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @wifiphone123,

Candidly, I’m unable to explain why using “Hide Number” works for you some of the time. My understanding is Republic cautions against its use because it doesn’t work, at least, much of the time.

One is able to block their Caller ID on a per call basis by prepending *67 to the number being dialed. If one has specific numbers they call they always want to block their Caller ID when calling them, creating a contact with *67 prepended to the number works.

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