Caller ID to Police Non-Emergency

I have read here that one calling 911 Emergency with a Republic service, that the underlying carrier number shows up for the Dispatch center, not the RW number.

Is this the case for a normal call into the local Police Non-Emergency number?
It is just a local are code number, but i think it rings the same dispatch center.

I tonight, for the first time ever, called into my local Police Non-emergency number to report a non emergency thing at my apartment complex.

The dispatcher did not ask for my phone number, but the thought occurred to me much later that they may call me back to come down to let officers into the building…but if they got the wrong caller ID number, then would i get their call??

If you called the non-emergency (10-digit) number your Republic Wireless number should have displayed as the caller ID.


And yes, when calling 911 the caller ID that is displayed will still reach your phone if called (but not if texted).

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