Caller's Speaker Volume Low When Answered By Linked RW Phone

Caller’s speaker lower than normal with EH phone plugged in and available when answered by mobile… When EH is PU’d and used as extension caller’s volume goes way down and difficult to hear. Volume is excellent if answered by the EH phone. The several test calls referenced were made from my G3 to my linked phone. Volume normal when EH phone unplugged. An earlier inbound call from another RW member answered by EH was also excellent.

Anybody else experience this?


I’m not following at all. Both devices from a call settings and connectivity perspective are unrelated to each-other. There will be some differences since the Android phone uses Opus and the Home phone uses PCMU but that is basically it.

Hi @seanr,

I wasn’t following your reply until this morning. Yesterday when I activated the ATA the two devices were apparently too closely connected to each other. I could PU the EH device just like an old school land line extension phone and carry on with the conversation when my IB calls were answered by the mobile. The display on the EH phone continued to display the the IB caller’s #, etc. during the call while on the mobile. This apparent glitch continued last night even after doing the removing the “association and then adding it back” test you asked members to attempt.

This morning I was no longer able to PU the EH and it no longer displayed the IB # during the mobile call. Assume my system is now working normally and yesterday’s behavior is something you have never experienced or heard of and now you can add it to your glitch of possibility list as it did happen to this member.


Hi @PlaneTherapist,

Could we back up a bit and dummy this down for the likes of me? I’m having a hard time following what you’re talking about.

Let’s go back to the first post.

I think you’re using EH for Extend Home
I have no idea what PU stands for, can you help me there?

Tell us as if you were describing to us how to duplicate what you’re experiencing - correct what I have here:

Step 1: Set up the ATA and connect a handset as described in the Set-up and activation guide.
Step 2. From another phone, call the number associated with the Extend Home feature
Step 3. Answer with the extended handset. Note the volume of inbound audio on (NOT SURE whether this should be the extended handset or the originating caller’s phone)
Step 4: Repeat the test, but this time answer on the associated cell phone. Note the volume of inbound audio on (whatever it was in step 3)
Step 5: Repeat the test, but first unhook the extension handset from the ATA and then answer with the associated cell phone. Note the volume of inbound audio (on whatever it was in step 3)
Step 6: Repeat the test, but first unhood the ATA. Answer with the associated cell phone. Note the inbound volume (on whatever it was in step 3).

Tell me if I have the test scenarios right, and which thing it is whose volume is suffering.

As for your second report, it doesn’t seem associated with the first, as it’s not discussing volume. Could you try explaining it again without acronyms?

Hi @southpaw,

You have EH spot on.
PU = pick-up.
Didn’t try that.

Thanks for your effort to help and explain a better way to reply. I don’t think you understand what was going on. Remember if you have to one more land line phones around the home and receive a call they can all be PU and join the conversation at the same time. After answering a call to linked # with mobile phone was able to PU my EH just as you can land lines and converse with both at the same time.

Yesterday it wasn’t exactly unexpected behavior since I didn’t realize the EH wasn’t supposed to be working like a “normal” extension. As I now understand it doesn’t work hat way. The topic was based on my observations of an apparent misconfiguration that wasn’t supposed to happen.

If it can happen to me, one of a small number of beta testers it may happen to others if this goes public. Far as I know everything is working as it should at this time.


Hi @southpaw,

Y’all didn’t tell us not allow our OPUS and PCMU to enter into connectuous relationship. You may already know all this but I’m again able to easily duplicate the connectivity between devices.

Apparently if in the right place at the right time, paying attention and quick on the draw, you can answer with mobile device, pick-up the EH phone, they will be connected to each other and the received call.

I don’t plan on using that unsupported feature.


I lack that skill.

Is anyone else able to duplicate this experience?



Maybe my old Uniden cordless with speakerphone base is special. The incoming call information remains on the display for a few seconds and I’m now skilled at something I don’t need.


I can’t replicate it.

I lost my ability to use the EH phone as an extension in concert with my mobile. Did RW make a tweak to the system? Thanks.


No tweaks have been made. Just so I understand, are you referring to what you outlined a few days ago “…you can answer with mobile device, pick-up the EH phone, they will be connected to each other and the received call”?

Hi @The_Chase,

Thanks for your inquiry. That’s what I was referring to. I needed to re-associate the ATA yesterday because some changes Support did helping with a VM issue. Voicemail Access Questions Possibly each time the ATA is associated the time duration to pick-up varies a bit.


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