Calling a (local to me) cell in Mexico

I have a 1st generation Moto X Republic phone. My daughter is studying abroad in Mexico. She has a (local to me) Sprint phone. I attempted to call her today and got through to her. I am not sure if she was on Wi-Fi or cell, but was able to talk without issue. I was on my home Wi-Fi. My question is: Is there an additional charge for either of us if call her call while she is in Mexico? Would it be better if I called her through Facebook? Thank you for any help.

Hi @christopherc.cz1rlz!

No, there will not be any additional charges for calling her in Mexico! Just be aware that she will only be able to receive and place calls while on WiFi as Republic does not have coverage in Mexico.

Edit: My bad, I didn’t realize that she had a non-Republic phone. @drm186 is correct .


If I understand correctly you have Republic in the States and She has a local number on Sprint while in Mexico

you will not have any charges but she may be hit with a international roaming from Sprint (depending on her plan with them)

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