Calling a RW customer, without going to voicemail; others get through


Phone Brand: Moto
Phone Model: G
**Phone Generation:**First
Plan: Refund
Plan Option: WiFi, Talk & Text with Cell Data.

##Issue Description
When I call my daughter, who just switched from Republic Wireless to another provider while keeping the same phone number she had at RW, I cannot get her phone to ring. The phone goes right to voicemail. However, friends who do not have RW are able to get her phone to ring. I know this because I am sitting in her living room with her and have just called her and got voicemail. After I hung up, a friend called her and the phone rang through. I called again and only got voicemail again.
I deleted her from my contacts, turned off and restarted my phone, and called her using the dialer pad. I still went to voicemail.


[quote=“dottieb, post:1, topic:10477”]
When I call my daughter, who just switched from Republic Wireless to another provider while keeping the same phone number she had at RW, I cannot get her phone to ring.
[/quote]How recently?


Hi @dottieb,

Do you know which voicemail you are being connected to. Is it voicemail with your daughter’s new service provider or her old Republic voicemail?


She switched Monday, in that she bought her new phone then. (Her RW phone
stopped working, she just had surgery, which is why I am at her house, and
she needed a phone immediately to reach doctors.)

I can’t tell which voicemail is picking up, as she kept the same one she
had at RW.

Her Dad, also a RW customer, called from Portland. He went right to
voicemail as well.


Hi @dottieb

It would be helpful, but not necessary to know which service she moved to. Porting can take longer due to regulation.


Hi @dottieb,

I believe your daughter is experiencing what’s known as a period of dual service. It’s a sign of an in process but as yet incomplete number transfer. Has your daughter received an email from Republic indicating her number transfer is complete? Please allow me to provide some additional context:

Generally, it takes a couple of business days for a Republic number to fully transfer. Rarely it can take longer.

Republic numbers are classified as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Republic’s use of VoIP is part of the nature of it’s blended WiFi/cell service. There is nothing Republic can do to change this regulatory classification.

For transfer (porting) purposes, VoIP numbers are treated the same as traditional landlines (wireline is the more correct telecom industry term). Porting a Republic number will, typically, take longer (days as opposed to hours).

The process of transferring a number looks something like this. Outbound service is immediate with the new service provider. Next, inbound calls originating with carriers other than Republic route to the new service provider. Finally, calls originating from Republic route to the new service provider. In other words you and your husband are getting voicemail because your calls are still routing to Republic’s network rather than your daughter’s new service provider. Given the timeframe you reference, this is likely to clear up in the next 24 hours or so. If that’s not your experience or Republic has already notified your daughter’s number transfer is complete, I suggest raising a help ticket with Republic support.

Meanwhile, please ask your daughter not to take steps to proactively cancel her Republic service. Doing so risks loss of her number.


She switched to US Cellular.


Thank you! I’ll wait another 24 hours then.

Interestingly, people who call her on phones from providers other than RW
are able to ring her.

Only those of us who also have Republic are going to voicemail.


Indeed and that phenomenon is because she’s transferring out of Republic.


Thank you Roland. She hasn’t yet gotten an email from RW yet saying the
transfer is complete, so this must be it.


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