Calling all Moto G4 Plus owners!

I need help! I’ve been reading comparisons between G4 Plus and Moto X Pure for days, both here and all over the tangled web. I just need someone who OWNS the G4 Plus to tell me it’s awesome and I should buy it now. A lot of the “experts” say buy the Pure because it’s a higher quality phone and has a better processor. But it’s older, and I can get double the storage with a new G4 for less money. I’m not a shudder bug who NEEDS a better quality camera…but how are the photos from the G4 Plus? (owners only please) BTW…I currently have a Moto X gen 2 which I like, but the charging port is getting real picky and I’m afraid one day soon I won’t be able to charge it. So…with the right nudge…today could be the day I pull the trigger on a new purchase. I’m leaning towards the G4 Plus, unless some actual owners of that phone talk me out of it. Like I said before, I need help! Thank you.

If you’re interested in benchmark numbers:

New phone benchmark comparison

I tested a G4+ configured for GSM for 10 days and found it to be a great phone. Last week I activated a G4+ configured for CDMA for a friend of mine. It is working very well for his wife who upgraded to it from her Moto X (1st Gen).

Ultimately I purchased a Samsung S7 because it charges wirelessly in the 2016 Prius charging tray and because the Samsung phone’s Bluetooth interface with the Prius is far superior to the Motorola interface. Another factor for me was the S7’s smaller size. That wasn’t a factor for my friend’s wife because she keeps her phone in her purse whereas I keep mine in my shirt pocket when out and about.

Thank you, this info is very helpful. I’m in! G4 Plus here I come.

If you have the time, come back and give us your impressions after you’ve had a chance to run it through its paces.


The drawback on the G4 is there is no way to do tap & pay because the phone lacks NFC capabilities and some people say this is a deal breaker.

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I sure will come back (assuming I can find this thread again) and update everyone. Ordered it today, the website said it was back ordered and would ship in 1 to 2 weeks. (frown face here) Then to my surprise, I got an email half an hour ago that said my order shipped! (happy face here) I’m not bummed that it lacks NFC…still using my bank card with the chip. I’m moving up from 16 GB to 64 GB of storage…so I can finally throw any app I want on my phone.

Thanks to @billg for the final push I needed! I was close, just needed some confirmation.

You can always find a thread you created or provided input into by clicking on your userid and then selecting Activity


Still remember not all apps will go on the 64G the phone still has a small ram that can fill up quicker than you think. I would still disable apps I don’t use.

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Edit: This phone has 4 GB ram and 64GB rom I thought the phone had 1 or 2 GB ram.

@bocephous It has 64Gb ram.


check the specs

MicroSD slot supports up to 128GB expandable memory (sold separately)

I didn’t realize it had 4GB ram I thought it was 2GB

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@bocephous “rom” is a bit of a misnomer. It should be called “storage” because this is where downloaded programs are stored. There is a non-volatile partition where the operating system is stored but the rest of it is written to when you download and install programs. With 64 Gb most people wouldn’t need to add an SD card. I noticed in other specifications it is called storage. I shouldn’t have called it “ram” even though it’s behavior is more like ram. Maybe @bitflung will chime in on this.


I understand what your saying and the meaning of it but I was just stating the website facts as written. If I deviate from that then someone else gets politically correct on me. Someday’s I feel better being a fly on the wall instead of answering questions & adding comments.

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yeah - the 4GB RAM is truly RAM.

the 64GB “ROM” is not, in fact, ROM. It is actually flash memory. I tis nonvolatile (doesn’t lose it’s content when the power goes out) but it is absolutely not “read-only memory”. it is written to quite frequently in fact. the OS uses it to store pre-compiled versions of both user installed and system apps (dalvik cache for older versions of android, ART cache for newer ones). it also stores every single things that doesn’t disappear when the power goes out:

  • photos and videos

  • contacts

  • apps

  • files/data

  • settings (e.g. saved wifi and related passwords)

literally everything that is different on the phone since it was first turned on. and so when manufacturers call it ROM they are extending a misnomer. but that’s the thing, the misnomer already exists. just as verizon and sprint have touted “3G” service for roughly a decade without ever actually supporting 3G and how all the carrier tout 4G despite LTE not yet meeting the true spec, “ROM” has effectively been redefined by the marketing departments of cell phone manufacturers. the engineer in me loathes this, but the little bit of normal human left in me (do i sound like darth vader there?) wants to accept that is long as the idea is conveyed any term can be used.

so that’s the question: is the correct/intended idea properly conveyed? i’m not sure of the answer but i hope it’s a “yes”.

The big drawback for me on the G4 is the lack of ability to create a WiFi hotspot, like you can with the X2 and X Pure. This has become pretty much a “must have” for me.

Although I could use my X2 as a hotspot, I didn’t. I was on the half-a-gig data plan (with a refund!) for a while, and my wife and I would compete to see who could use the least amount of data per month. (she always won) Tethering my laptop would have chewed up lots of data, and I almost always used only about 100 MB per month of cell data. I’m on wifi (according to the RW app) 88% of the time! So I’ll be moving to the 1 GB plan with the new phone.

But, that said, I thought the hot spot feature was built into Android and not dependent on the phone (unless you’re on StraightTalk). Hmmm…

The 4 GB of RAM was a seller for me. I’m sure app switching will be snappy. And I’m moving up from 16 GB of storage. So I’ll actually be able to install some apps now. I’ll have it waiting for me when I get home from work tomorrow. Time to kick some tires.

I think @beachb was mistaken:

Setup and use Portable Hotspot - Moto G Plus 4th Generation

I’m really looking forward to your review once you spend some time with it. My wife is dying to get rid of her 2.0 Moto E2 and upgrade to a 3.0 G4+ or X Pure, so we are having the same issues deciding which one to get. She probably wouldn’t use NFC, and she’ll probably really like the fingerprint sensor, so it’s sounding like G4+ is the way to go, especially with the 4GB of RAM. Please let us know how it performs in reality once you have the chance to work out the kinks.

Not to hijack this thread, but does anyone think it would be worth holding out for the G5+ to be supported by RW or are the differences too minor to worry about for a casual/websurfing/camera shooting user?

(I put my original reply in the wrong place)

Well…here it is. I’ve had the new G4 plus since Tuesday afternoon, and been using it hard. First reaction, it’s a good great phone, and a super value! (Remember, this is a $250 phone, not a $500 phone.) The more I use it, the more I like it.

  • Performance is great! I can keep lots of apps open and not notice a slow down. 4 GB of RAM is awesome! Very snappy. I’m not a game player, so I can’t help you there. I have some apps that took a bit to open on my old Moto x (2nd gen)…they pop right open on the G4. I’m impressed with the speed.
  • Screen is real sharp and clear and colorful. I think it’s great…and the 5.5" size is ideal for my pocket and hand. I have no complaints with the screen.
  • Android 6.01 is better than Lollipop…in my opinion. Your mileage may vary, but I like the enhancements.
  • It’s a plain, simple phone. Nothing fancy. You can feel it’s not a $500 phone, doesn’t have a lot of “meat” to it. At the same time, it doesn’t scream cheap, but the build quality is not going to win any awards. Still, when I get it in a case, that won’t matter a bit.
  • Love having 64 GB of storage…coming from my 16 GB X2. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it all! (how many remember Bill Gates saying we’ll never need more than _______ RAM??? Fill in the blank if you remember)
  • Battery life is good. End of a full day of playing (although not watching videos) and I was still around 60%. Pretty much screen time that day too.
  • Ah…the camera. I like it. I’m no pro…but for what I do with a cell phone camera, it’s more than adequate. Does a pretty decent job with low light too. Better than my X2 did. Clear, crisp photos.
  • Took almost 3 hours to activate Tuesday night. I was getting worried. Just about to open a ticket when the email came telling me my new phone is now activated.

For me…the extra storage and RAM was worth buying this phone over the X Pure. I’m happy with the purchase, especially since it’s on sale for a while. Good buy!

I just bought the Moto G4 Plus and it arrived yesterday and the SIM card was already installed. I booted it up in no time at all. I absolutely love it! The photo quality is crisp and clear, and there is plenty of storage at 64 GB as well as being able to add an additional storage card if desired. It was easy to set up and transfer apps and other information from my old Moto G 1st Gen. This phone has a larger screen than my former one. I was supposedly backordered when I placed my order, but I did not have to wait 1-2 weeks. It shipped and arrived the same week, right after my purchase.

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