Calling From Mexico


We have 2 RW phones. One works fine calling from Mexico to the US via wifi, but the other will not. Get a must configure message, but all we have tried will not work. Any suggestions?


What phone models are u using?


Hi @timc.r7rzjy,

When using a RW phone overseas, please keep it in Airplane mode with Wi-Fi re-enabled. Otherwise it will try to seek out a cellular signal, and in some cases will present that cellular configuration error you’re seeing when it fails to find one.

@rolandh has written a suggestion here: Wifi calling not working for me though I don’t know what the success rate is for that method. It’s worth trying.

Are you anywhere near the US border?


Will give it a try next time in Mexico. Thanks


Moto 4 e thanks


Thanks will try that.


Hi @timc.r7rzjy,

If you place your phone in Airplane mode then manually reenable WiFi as one of the last things done before leaving U.S. soil, you’ll avoid the unfortunate issue. Airplane mode disables the phone’s cell radio (all radios actually, which is why manually reenabling WiFi is needed).

If you haven’t seen it previously, this might be of interest: International Travel with a Republic Phone.


Thank you


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