Calling home (U.S.) from London

Do I need to get an international Sim card for a Galaxy 9 in order to call the U.S. from London, U.K.? Will the republic wireless service work from there? Wife is leaving for there next Wednesday & is nervous that she won’t be able to call home.

Hi @rascaliwmc,

You do not need an international or local (in country) SIM if calling home using Republic service when connected to WiFi is sufficient. Republic does not offer cellular coverage in the U.K. or elsewhere outside the U.S.

I write more about traveling internationally with a Republic phone here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

To avoid a potentially unfortunate circumstance mentioned there, we should determine the type of Republic SIM in your wife’s phone. Please let us know if you see GSM or CDMA? Here’s how to tell: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.


Hello & thanks for the reply. The phone is a GSM. I tried my own galaxy 9 to call from the US to her hotel as a test & her international # starts with a 44. It wouldnt go through. I tried dialing a 1 then the 44 & still wouldn’t go through. So I take it that if she doesn’t get an international sim card, if I call her, she will get the call? Or will she only get the call if on wi-fi? But if she wants to call the US from London, she will have to be on wifi & then what, how to dial my number, is there a prefix before my 208 area code she will have to use? Thanks again for your help. -Al

Hi @rascaliwmc,

I think we need to unwind some things here. Your initial question seemed to be whether your wife needed an international SIM for her phone to call home using Republic service. Does your wife have a Republic phone. I ask because if she’s got a number beginning with +44 (which is the country code for the U.K.), she’s not using Republic service with that number and would seem to have already acquired an alternate U.K. or international SIM for her phone. Or, is the +44 number her hotel room’s telephone number?

You’re not going to be able to call a U.K. number using Republic service because Republic doesn’t support making calls to international numbers other than Canadian numbers.

If she’s leaving a Republic SIM in her phone, you and your wife will be able to exchange calls and text messages exactly as you do at home by using your Republic phone’s American numbers. The caveat for you wife is in the U.K., she’ll only be able to make and receive calls using Republic service when the phone is connected to WiFi. Republic does not provide any cellular service outside the U.S.

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Hello, NO, its a Galaxy 8 with a U.S. 208 area code. I was just saying when I tried to call the hotel she will be staying at, with my own Gal 9 also a 208 US area code, I couldn’t dial out to London thru my own wi-fi. Londons number starts with a ‘44’. So dialing it as printed in the brochure, didn’t work. I put a ‘1’ in front of the London 44 xxx number & that didn’t work either.
Most concern lies with her having the U.S. Republic Galaxy 8 phone, with GSM, that if she will be able to call my 208 US area code, from London. Probably thru hotel wi-fi. But if she does try to call my 208 number, does she have to add any other numbers prior to the US area code when calling me in the US, from London.

The inability to call the hotel’s U.K. number is because Republic phones can only call U.S. and Canadian numbers. It has nothing to do with you being connected to WiFi or cell.

When your wife’s phone is connected to WiFi in London, you will be able to call her U.S. number and she will be able to call your U.S. number. Despite being in London, she’ll want to call you exactly as she does when in the U.S. (no special codes or dialing prefixes).


OK GREAT!! Thank you so much for your help & info with this. Brings some relief for sure, much appreciated!! -Al

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