Calling issues on Note 20

I am having calling issues. Both sending and receiving while on WiFi (only) and while on Cell (only) or when both are enabled. It is sporadic and I can’t figure out how to make it happen.

The last fail happened like so…
My phone was in airplane mode with WiFi on. Samsung WiFi call setting is turned off. I texted someone to call me, when they did my Extend home rang but not the Note 20.
I turned off WiFi and then turned both Cell and WiFi on and asked for another call…again the call did not ring on the Note 20.
I restart the phone and we try again. It fails.
I then call them, it rings and we talk for a few min and I ask them to call me back…it successfully rings! (The phone connection is via WiFi)

Can anyone think of anything else to try?

Hi @SuperT,

I separated your post from the general feedback topic, so we can troubleshoot a bit.

I had sent (privately) some settings configurations designed to make the phone a little less aggressive about powering down apps to conserve battery. You were going to test with that configuration for a bit and see how it goes. Please also let us know if there seems to be a tremendous impact to the battery.

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