Calling local Hong K numbers w/RW while in Hkg..can do?

What phone do you have? S7

What plan are you on? ?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

Is it possible to make and receive local calls from residents in HKG/or other countries while in Hong Kong? I have viber and Wapp but, not sure if they will work.

Hi @celestia00,

It is only possible to call U.S. and Canadian numbers using Republic service. It does not matter where in the world you and your phone are. The difference in how Republic service works outside the U.S. is outside the U.S. there is no cellular coverage. The phone must be connected to WiFi to use Republic service outside the U.S.

When connected to WiFi, you may use any app requiring an Internet connection. Both WhatsApp and Viber require an Internet connection to make phone calls.

WhatsApp makes free calls to other WhatsApp users. WhatsApp does not make calls to regular phone numbers.

Like WhatsApp, Viber makes free calls to other Viber users. Unlike WhatsApp, Viber may be used to call regular numbers (be they numbers in Hong Kong or elsewhere) but only if one is subscribed to the optional Viber Out. Viber Out is a reasonably inexpensive international calling solution, however, it is not free. If Viber works for you in the U.S., there’s no reason to believe it wouldn’t work in Hong Kong.

You may have other options. To help us best help you, please confirm the phone in question is the referenced Samsung Galaxy S7. Please also share with us the phone’s SIM type. Here’s the how to on that:

Phone is a S7, CDMA card I have used viber out to make calls from USA to HKG. Not in reverse.

I plan to switch to a G7 Power, soon… in about a month… It will have a GSM card

Hi @celestia00,

Republic is able to provide a GSM SIM for your Samsung Galaxy S7 and to be certain your phone is useable outside the U.S. when connected to WiFi, you will want a GSM SIM for travel. The purpose would be to avoid a potential issue where CDMA provisioned Republic phones try to connect to local cellular networks , which potentially disables them for WiFi use. The phenomenon does not happen with Republic phones provisioned with a GSM SIM, however, no Republic SIM offers cellular coverage outside the U.S.

When connected to WiFi, Viber Out will work the same for calling Hong Kong numbers while in Hong Kong or elsewhere outside the U.S. as it does when home. There would be no need to use Viber Out to call back home as when connected to WiFi, your Republic service would work for calling U.S. and Canadian numbers.

May I end you some additional information privately?

Yes. I currently have a cdma card in my S7, and I have had no issues connecting to the internet in HKG. But, if a GSM card will work better, then, yes, I am supposed to be receiving one from RW, as I am getting a new Moto G7 Power.

Yes, you can send me some info privately, no problem. I have a pay as you go plan in HKG, where I temporarily reside, 7 nights a month, or so… I puchased a cheap flip phone, and I use it to make local calls, while in Hong Kong. But, I thought, if I could somehow use my RW phone (G7) to make local calls, too, why not do that? Please send me any info… I do have Wapp and Viber Out on my phone…but, I have to be on internet to use these, too?

Thank you,

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