Calling problem

When I call people like dialing or something else, I consistently get this message that the phone does not recognize the number. What do you guys think of the problem I have? What can I do to fix it?

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are you dialing the full 10 digit number ?

as a VOIP hybrid Republic does not know where you are making the call from and need the area code to route the call (if these are coming dialing from a saved contact verify the contract has the full 10 digits in the number

I dial from a saved contact number and when I click a contact # to call, it says that it does not recognize the #'s. Is it #1 at the beginning could be the problem?

The one should not be needed but it should not an issue, I have seen a contact get corrupted and needed to be removed and remade in order to get it to dial correctly

Just a helpful hint: When entering a number into the contact list just enter the 10 digits without any formatting. When finished the program will automatically and properly format the number for you.

When I cleaned up my contact list I did it from my PC instead of from my phone because I like having a full keyboard and big screen. Your contacts are on your phone AND on the web here:

Corrections made on-line will be synchronized with your phone.

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