Calls and texts sent to/received from the wrong contacts, then lost all previous message threads

What phone do you have? Moto G-7 Power

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data as well

Issue Description

About a month ago, my phone started acting really weird. First, a text from a contact I talk to all the time came in, but it showed up in a completely new thread in Messages even though it was from the same exact number. Then, as the day went on, my phone would send texts from completely wrong contacts (i.e. I would compose a text in an existing thread, hit send, it would show up in that thread, and then a new thread would pop up from a completely random other contact, showing that I sent them that same text too. The intended recipient never got these texts, while the random person did and would send me a confused reply). In the afternoon, I got several calls that my phone said were from one of my contacts. I happened to be in the same room as that contact, who looked at his phone and confirmed that he was NOT calling me, either time. I restarted my phone several times, to no effect.
The next day, I restarted my phone one more time, and this time my calls and texts started going to and coming from the correct people, but almost all of the Messages conversations that I had saved in my phone were gone. Some random text threads were still there from months prior, but most of them were completely gone.

Does anyone know why this would happen? I rely on my previous text threads – does anyone know how I might be able to access them?

  • I am sorry to see that no one has responded. This is indeed strange and not having a G7 or seen anything (that I can remember) that looks like this, I would suggest the following, in sequence until success or someone else chimes in
  1. Clear Cache both System and Application
  2. Check to ensure that the Android Messages you are using is up to date
  3. Open a Ticket with Republic Help

@lesliew.gewnwy Are you still having this issue?

The issue happened a month ago, but I’m still trying to get my previous texts back, yeah

Have you attempted the steps suggested by @jben

Yes! I did all three. Now I’m getting help on my ticket. We’ll see…

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