Calls are going straight to voicemail

I have a moto e 2nd gen. phone. I’ve had issues where I have been called and my phone was turned on but the call still went straight to voicemail without my knowledge. Any ideas if I need to change some settings or is this a system problem.

Hi @stuartm.pu5adb,

When this happens, do you see a “missed call” icon on the phone, or only the voicemail notification?

Are you in an area with good cellular coverage when this happens?

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What is going on with Republic voicemail. Several weeks ago I received voicemails dating back to 2017. Last week I received voicemails that were several days old. Is this a Republic problem? I have a moto e 2nd generation phone but I doubt that has anything to do with it.

Hi @stuartm.pu5adb,

I’ve moved your other post into this topic because I think the issues may be related.

If you’re getting voicemail notifications days after they were left, something is preventing your phone from receiving the notifications in a timely manner. It could be your cellular coverage or your Wi-Fi network, which could also be causing you to miss calls as you described in your first post. Can you tell us more about where these issues are happening?

Have you had the Moto E 2nd Gen for a while without these sorts of problems? If so, what changed recently?


No, I looked and there was no missed call icon. Also, it went straight to voicemail but there was no voicemail left (I was told this multiple times by a caller and I know the phone was on). Yes, I am home and I have good cellular coverage although it is going over the wifi.

If this is happening repeatedly with one specific caller, could you check to make sure the dialer hasn’t “blocked” this caller? Here’s how:
Open the Phone app
Tap Contacts
Tap the person whose calls are going straight to voicemail
Tap the pencil icon to edit the contact
Tap the three dot menu icon :dots:
Make sure “All calls to voicemail” is not selected.

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You were absolutely correct. It has been happening with one specific caller and I had it checked to go to voicemail. I don’t know how or when I did that but I did. Thanks for the help.


I’ve had the moto e 2nd generation the whole time I’ve been with Republic - about 3.5 years. I’ve had some issues with voicemails coming to me several days later for sometime although probably one an overall relatively small percentage of voicemails. As I said previously, recently I received four or 5 voicemails going back to 2017 at one time. These were from different callers. At roughly the same time, I noticed a different recorded voice on my voicemails giving me the number of voicemails I had waiting for me. It made me think maybe there were some changes made to the actual voicemail platform and they had cleaned out some old voicemails that had been “stuck” in the system.

As far as my wifi and cellular, I almost always use wifi from my house’s wifi to make calls. I make very few calls that are not made from my house and virtually all of them would be wifi. When someone calls me, I answer from home but I don’t know if it came from wifi or cellular. I make very few calls from outside my house and I answer very few calls when I am outside of my house - I usually have my phone on but I don’t take it in to the gym or a restaurant, etc. and it is off when I sleep. Most of the calls I receive are either missed calls or go to voicemail because I generally am not available to answer.

I have had some late voicemails when I have been in very rural areas and I figured that may be the cause. However, 99% of the time I am in the Atlanta area and should have good cell coverage although as I stated, I don’t call much from outside my home.

I’ve had these issues since I’ve been on Republic but the bunch I received late from 2017 recently caught my attention. Nothing has changed recently that I am aware of.


This may very well be what you saw. We moved to new servers and a new platform recently, and we did see some reports of old voicemail messages resurfacing. Please open a ticket though if it continues to happen.

Voicemail notifications require a messaging protocol called MQTT. In some situations on cell where the cellular data connection is not good, the phone cannot establish this MQTT connection, and voicemail notifications cannot be delivered. The same is true on some Wi-Fi networks, and in fact, some Wi-Fi networks intentionally block MQTT. In rural areas, I would suspect the data connection was not capable of delivering the voicemail notification. When you’re at home, we’d need to think about whether it might be your home Wi-Fi network that is blocking them. Have you ever noticed if the voicemail notifications seem to arrive once you get away from your house? Mr. Southpaw used to work in an office where MQTT was blocked and he’d always get his voicemail notifications in the evening, when he headed out to his parking space and got about a block or so away from his office.

We’ve got some networking gurus among our members here in the Community who could help you evaluate your network to see if there’s anything about it that might explain the missing voicemail notifications when you’re at home. It can be pretty complex-sounding stuff, but they will break it down into workable chunks, if you’re interested in digging in and figuring it out.

I have never noticed any differences in receiving voicemails based on my location. With the explanation for rural voicemail issues and the new platform, that covers a large percentage of my voicemail problems. Not worried about a few late voicemails so no need to go any further with it.

Thanks for all your help. Best of wishes to Mr. Southpaw as well as all of the little Southpaws! :}

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I am having this problem, and it’s random. Sometimes calls come through just fine, others go right to voicemail. Today it happened with a number not in my contacts. they were returning my call and the phone never even rang. I don’t have anything set that I can find to send anything straight to voicemail and the number is not on my blocked senders list.

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