Calls Become garbled on WiFi with Moto z play

Upgraded from Moto G to Moto z play. Used moto G here with no problems for 2 1/2 years. Now with the Moto z, it is almost impossible to make calls. When a call does go through, even on WiFi, it will be clear for a minute and then becomes garbled and even disconnects. I have checked the WiFi speed and that is not the problem. Also when driving to town, places where we used to routinely make cellular calls from, now indicate no cell service. There must be an answer to this but I cannot figure it out.

The Moto G worked on the Sprint system, the Moto Z play most likely works on the T-Mobile system. The coverage is different which might explain the loss of service when driving. Here are the two coverage maps:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

Garbled audio can also be a consequence of poor coverage even when on WiFi calls if RW users with poor coverage are still experiencing the bonded calling problem. I recommend opening a service ticket on this.

the Moto Z play most likely works on the T-Mobile system
no maybe about it the Moto Z Line is GSM only and can only work on Republic though it’s GSM partner (T-Mobile)

To support @billg’s recommendation of opening a Ticket with Republic Help users should always check to ensure that they are on the latest Republic Wireless App Update: Version (this contained the latest fixes made available for ‘bonded calling’

Thanks for the information. A tech walked me through some steps over a week ago and now the cellular coverage is excellent. That issue is cleared. However, I have 2 moto z plays and mine continues to be garbled on WIFI, but if I turn wifi off, I can make and receive calls fine. The second phone doesn’t seem to experience this problem as much. It can receive and make calls on WIFI and sound reasonably well. Occasionally a word or two is garbled, but not too bad. So there is definitely an issue with my phones settings since the 2 phones are identical. I did just update to the latest version as suggested and will have to wait and see if that clears things up. Another strange thing is my RW app said up to date but it wasn’t. Why didn’'t it tell me I needed an update. Will see if the update works.

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  • Please make sure that your Ticket is updated to reflect the discrepancy you observed in the RW code level and hopefully it was a combination of the RW code w/o the bonded calling fix and the cell problem that the support folks helped clear up
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