Calls breaking up on wifi


Moto E5 Play

No Data Plan

My calls over wifi are often breaking up (sound cutting out for a second / audio getting distorted for a second), whether I’m on my home wifi or my office wifi. Any advice on how to troubleshoot this?


@markarchibald, Please go to and tell us the results. What was your ping? What is your jitter? Where did you test this at and etc.

I think other people will be able to help with other troubleshooting tips.


Testing at home:
Ping: 19ms
Jitter: 2ms
Down: 71mbps
Up: 6mbps

I haven’t tested at the office, but I know at least the speed there is good. Not sure about ping and jitter.


Hi Mark, This is something that support can help resolve. Please open a ticket and request that your issue be investigated as part of Master Ticket 1487537.


Will do - thanks


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