Calls defaulting to cell instead of WiFi when using VPN

What phone do you have?
Moto G5+ (Android v8.1.0, OPSS28.85-17-6)
RW app v3.30.4.1

What plan are you on?
My Choice (1GB) (CDMA SIM)

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
1GB data

Issue Description

All calls go through the cellular network instead of WiFi when connected to Proton VPN.

When my phone has a strong WiFi signal and next to no cell signal, calls fail with the error message, “Cellular network not available for voice calls.”

I have tried:

  • re-activating the SIM card
  • configuring cell service
  • updating PRL
  • updating RW app
  • VOIP (8647) on dialer
  • Disconnecting Proton VPN

Disconnecting from the VPN allows WiFi calling again, yet it is imperative that I use the VPN on my phone.
Is there any way I can set it up to make calls on WiFi with the VPN connected?


Hi @hrothgar,

The short answer to your question is usually no. Most VPNs introduce sufficient latency into the equation that Republic’s app determines the WiFi connection is inadequate to support a phone call and as it’s designed to do moves the call to cell.

What happens if you put the phone in Airplane mode with WiFi manually reenabled (which disables the phone’s cell radio)? Are you then able to make calls over WiFi with the VPN active?

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I’ve been using OpenVPN Cloud and find it works well with Republic Wireless’s Wi-Fi calling. It does seem to stop some of my Google Play apps from auto updating, however.


Thank you for your response.

I actually found the answer in No WiFi calling after recent update to Nord VPN

After enabling Split Tunneling in the Proton VPN app and excluding Republic Wireless, the notification shows properly, and calls are now going over WiFi.

I also excluded the Anywhere app just in case; not sure if that will have any effect.



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