Calls disconnecting/ others can't hear me

What phone do you have?
Moto G Power

What plan are you on?
MyChoice 1 GB

I recently got a Moto G Power phone. Every time I talk to someone, they tell me they can’t hear me, or I’m breaking up. Also, when I’m on a call for a while I will hear three beeps (same sound effect when you call a phone number that’s been disconnected), and then my phone starts ringing showing an incoming call from the person I was talking to. On their end, they are not making a new call and have told me it doesn’t sound like the call is disconnected from their end. They just hear silence. This never happened on my Moto G4. I’ve also remove the phone case to make sure nothing is blocking the speaker, but even if it was that doesn’t explain why the calls seem to be disconnecting.
Any ideas on what the issue could be?

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