Calls don't go to voicemail


Moto G4, Talk, Text, & Data plan.
My son’s phone will not go to voicemail. If I call his phone, on my phone it will just keep ringing but the sound of the ring will switch from a ‘beep’ tone to a standard ring tone after a while. On his phone it shows the call and then ends after about 6 rings. But then sometimes it will start ringing again and show as a new phone call (which is when the sound of the ringtone changes on my end). So when he missed an automated appointment reminder, it showed as 9 missed phone calls! This happens on cell and on wi-fi.
I’ve tried shutting down and restarting the phone, clearing the cache, resetting the voicemail password and message, and checked to make sure everything’s up to date.
Any Ideas?


To me, it sounds like something is not set up right. I would submit a ticket.


Hi @carlam,

It doesn’t look like you’ve tried to refresh the republic activation yet. Could you give that a try on your son’s phone, please?


Didn’t know about that one - thanks! But, it didn’t help. Still having the same issue.