Calls dropping for no apparent reason

What phone do you have?
Samsung Galaxy S9+
What plan are you on?
My Choice plus 1 GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Occasionally, when I am literally mid-conversation with my older son or my best friend, the connection will drop with no warning. When I call back, I usually have no further problem, but I don’t understand why it happens in the first place. I’ve had the problem only since I got my new cell (my old one was stolen) & started service with Republic. I used to think I’d perhaps accidentally hit a button on my phone, but the last time, I was quite sure I’d done nothing to cause the call to disconnect. It’s quite disconcerting, for both myself and the other party, to have the connection drop like that. If anyone has experienced anything similar, or has any insight as to why this might happen, I’d appreciate knowing about it!

Not knowing what carrier you are currently on or what the ‘old phone’ was it would only be a guess … however:

  1. If old phone was a Moto E1-2, G1-3 or X1-2 then you were on Sprint (CDMA)
  2. Your new phone could be either on Sprint (CDMA) or T-Mobile (GSM)

Your answers to questions 1 & 2 will help provide you further direction


My old phone was a Samsung Galaxy S7. (I have not & never will buy a Motorola phone, FYI.) It was never used on Republic. Previous provider used Verizon, though in the past had used Sprint. (I doubt the old phone was ever on Sprint.) My new phone was never used on the previous carrier. I’d been unhappy with the previous provider, & when the old phone was stolen, I replaced the phone (bought independently & brought my own, not through Republic) & dropped the provider at the same time. So I fail to see how whatever my old phone or carrier were matters in this case. But you asked, so I answered. SIM is GSM.

The reason you were being asked the history is because the info you’ve provided in response tells us that you were previously with Verizon, now, with Republic you’re phone is connecting to T-Mobile. This can easily account for a difference in coverage that might be responsible for calls dropping.

Can you please share your ZIP code so that we can drill down in to the local coverage? Also, what model phone do you have now?


If you look at my original message, you will see you’ve already been told what phone I have now, a Galaxy S9+. I’m located in Portland, OR 97206. If it’s of interest, before I was with my prior provider, Credo, using Verizon as carrier, I was with T-Mobile, via my older son’s account. Before that, I was on CallWave, the poor person’s TracFone, which will probably either make you laugh, or scratch your head. (Dropped that when they didn’t have minutes to sell me when I needed them, any more. I’m sure they’re long gone, at this point.) Never had the kind of problems with dropped calls I’m having now, when I was with T-Mobile, as far as I can recall at this point. It would appear that trying to save money leads to other unanticipated problems. Sigh.

Hi @kathrynp.hmcqbs,

I’m sorry to see that troubleshooting kind of dropped off in your conversation.

It looks like cellular coverage is good in your area, as your previous experience with T-mobile suggests. When these calls drop, though, is the phone on Wi-Fi or cell? Is it happening only with certain callers, or with everyone?

The phone seems to default to LTE/cellular service, when I use it for calls. At least, that’s what I see when I check at the end of calls. Dropping doesn’t seem to happen with business calls or long-distance/out-of-area calls. It happens most often with calls to my local son (the one whose T-Mobile account I used to be on. My other son’s on T-Mobile too, but is further away/out of area, & I do more texting than calling, with him) & to my best friend, who’s on a landline. So, more with outgoing calls & not so much, or at all with incoming calls.

Hi @kathrynp.hmcqbs,

Would you mind keeping a call journal of outbound calls for a few days with the following info? (I’ve put in a couple of fake examples)

Date and approximate time Nickname for the person you called Approximate length of call Call dropped?
5/13/2019, 8:30 am BFF 26 minutes yes
5/12/2019, 4:15 pm son1 14 minutes no

Then, with your permission to do so publicly here in Community, I could match that up against our call records and add whether the call was registered as Wi-Fi or cell on our server.

If it turns out the dropped calls are largely Wi-Fi, then you could try starting all outbound calls on cell first, to see if that makes a difference. We have members here in Community who could help you adjust some settings on your router to possibly solve the issue.

If you’re not comfortable posting your call history publicly, that’s ok. The idea is just to look for a pattern, but we could troubleshoot nearly as well by having you try all outbound calls on cell for a few days and keeping a log to see if there’s a difference, and trying some outbound calls from another Wi-Fi network, like a nearby McDonalds or Lowes Hardware (which typically have very good Wi-Fi networks.)


I haven’t done everything you asked, in terms of call tracking, but I did note the one call that dropped since you mentioned the idea, on 5/19/2019 to my best friend at 6:30pm. It wasn’t a long call, though I didn’t track the duration, nor whether it was wifi or cell. I’m beginning to suspect that it’s something to do with the phone itself, just a hunch, though I can’t say why. I’ve had several calls with him that went just fine, both before & after the dropped one. Time of day doesn’t seem to make a difference, as far as I can tell. I have a Netgear modem/router that I bought independently, not supplied by my landline provider, though they provide the connection, of course. And since it’s a DSL connection, though I do have filters on the phone lines that the computers I have are not on, I always have some suspicions about signal interference related to that sharing of phone & internet service. (I trust CenturyLink about as far as I could throw them, though the alternative, Xfinity/Comcast is even lower on my trust list; in fact, I flatly refuse to use them, period.) So, if any of that helps, well & good. At least, when I’m away from home, I can’t recall issues with dropped calls. Hopefully, that continues, since I’m going to be away for a couple of days soon.
I do appreciate your efforts to help!

I have noticed an interesting thing, though I don’t know if it’s directly related to this issue, but it appears that sometimes, when I make outbound calls, particularly to businesses, (when I’m often sitting by my computer as I do so) my landline phone seems to ring right afterwards. I get the vast majority of spam calls on the landline, mainly b/c I don’t give out my cell # except in cases where I want people/entities to get through to me, & I get assurances that they won’t share the # with other entities. Is it possible that my calling is somehow being tracked by spammers, who then try to reach me on the available landline, which I don’t answer unless it’s someone I know who leaves a message, since I don’t have caller ID on it? I feel a little like a paranoid conspiracy theorist to say that, but the coincidence happens enough that I have to wonder…

That would suggest it’s not the phone, but something about your internet connection at home. Until we can really study a list of examples and the details around them, all we have are hunches, and sometimes hunches can lead to costly mistakes, like buying a new phone when the problem all along isn’t the phone.

No. What you’re describing would require the spammers to have access to your outbound call activity, which we do not share, and then be able to pair your cell number to your home number in some database somewhere.

Based on your usage as you describe it, I’m curious to know why you maintain a landline?

As you have DSL, you need filters … either at the demark, where the phone comes into the house (via a NID (Network interface device), or a splitter at each device.
Here is an article from your ISP Comcast that outlines all the things that must have splitters.

I keep the landline for the following reasons:
CenturyLink said they’d charge me more for a DSL-only service than if I also have phone, even if bare basic.
It’s a back-up in case of problems (like when my old phone was stolen & before I got its replacement.)
It acts as a fax line. (Not that I do much faxing, but rarely, it comes in handy.)
It makes a nice spam target, & seems to work well for that. When an entity insists on a phone #, I give them that one. That way, they never get the number I actually care about. People/businesses that I want to get through, know that number is strictly a backup, & that they have to leave a message for call back, if they use it.

When I say I suspect it’s the phone, what I really mean is that there’s still some possibility that I’m hitting some button accidentally. I still haven’t completely mastered all the ins & outs of it, but I’m sure that will come in time. (My sons help with that when they’re around & I find things online & on my own, too.) I’m mostly quite happy with it, however, & have no plans to buy another. I’m being very careful of keeping track of it, so I don’t lose it or have it stolen, like the last one.

I read the guidelines about router settings & the SIP ALG/NAT ALG stuff, & I think that may be a factor in what’s going on. So, maybe the call problems are when the connection starts as wifi, then tries to hand off to LTE, which seems to be the phone’s preferred mode when on calls. By the end of the call, in that case, it always would say LTE. I turned the NAT ALG off temporarily, & at least one website on my computer wouldn’t load, so I turned it back on. I think I’ll have to make sure I’m always doing calls in LTE & not wifi, it looks like.

I have yet to see where SIP ALG or NAT ALG did anything except cause problems with VoIP, and all the VoIP providers say to turn it off.

  • If you could share the Make/Model of your router and the website that wouldn’t load with NAT ALG off it … at least it would help further my knowledge

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