Calls from one caller go straight to voicemail

I apologize if I am intruding inappropriately, but I am having a similar problem on my Galaxy 9+, only the message callers are receiving is “The Republic member you have called is not available”. This happens intermittently and is corrected when I restart the phone. All other functions like texting and outbound calls are not affected; just inbound calls and not every call. It happens most often with one inbound caller, our UPS delivery person. I’ve had him call when I was standing next to him and my phone was not in use. This problem started within the last two weeks.

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This is our default voicemail greeting, which callers will hear if calls go to voicemail, if you have not set a personal greeting.

Have you checked to make sure your UPS delivery person’s phone number has not been blocked in the phone app’s call blocking options. You’ll also want to be sure that if this number is saved in your contacts, it hasn’t been set to go “straight to voicemail.”

Do you have any call-blocking apps on your phone?

Thank you for responding southpaw.

Yes, my UPS guy is in my contacts and sometimes the call goes through, but often it doesn’t, even when my phone is not in use. I have call blocking apps, but if his number was blocked, I would think none of his calls would go through, not just some of them. When he arrives and tells me he gets the “not available” response, if I then restart the phone and he calls, it works just fine. It’s the intermittent problem that frustrates me. I currently have my phone set to reboot daily, but it’s not the solution I’m hoping for.

You have multiple call-blocking apps on the phone?

True, if he’s consistent about how he’s calling. If he ever blocks his outbound caller ID, the results may vary.

(I’ve moved your post and the replies to their own topic, since your issue is different than the original post in this topic.)

Have you ever tried anything other than restarting the phone before having him call you again? I’m wondering if something like toggling airplane mode off and back on, or even just waking the phone would make a difference.

When this happens, are you on WiFi or cell, and what is your cellular coverage like?

southpaw -
Upon further review it appears I may not have any call blocking app. I thought Mr. Number was active, but it’s not.

On the calls that go through, his caller ID displays and he would have no reason to block any calls to me.

I’ve not tried anything other than restarting the phone. I can try toggling airplane mode if you think that might help.

This happens on WiFi because I am either at my desk or just outside the building. The WiFi signal is strong and I’ve not had a problem with cell coverage locally at all.

Just a thought, but I would try booting up in Safe Mode which would prevent loading the Mr Number code (as it would be loaded even if you had it not activated) … this would remove any concerns of 3rd party interference

Thank you for your suggestion jben. My problem has now gotten worse in that multiple callers are having intermittent problems putting a call through to me. I removed my call blocking apps, but some calls go directly to voice mail when on wi-fi, no matter what network I’m on. Not every call the callers make, but intermittently.

At this point, if the problem is more likely a Samsung Galaxy 9+ problem, rather than a Republic problem, I would consider buying another brand. Do you have an opinion on where the problem lies?

  • Did you actually try the Safe Mode, previously mentioned? Often an update to a 3rd party app can introduce problems. This will help identify if this the case and then we can offer some help on finding the culprit app.
  • The problem on WiFi … does it occur when the phone has been idle? (I have seen this idle period vary from 5 mins to an hour)

I haven’t tried safe mode, but I will.

And yes, in all cases phone had been idle for at least 15 minutes; usually longer.

I’m also having trouble with calls not ringing at all, but going straight to voicemail and would love some suggestions. I’m not very familiar with the forums (fora?), but so far haven’t seen anything useful beside possibly toggling airplane more.

Background: My wife and I have been RW members for several years and have had this problem intermittentaly forever. But today my wife missed an important call from a doctor, called them back, then missed the 2nd call from the doctor. Its time to do something about this. We both have Motorola phones - I think hers is a G6 and mine is a G7 plus. We routinely have this when calling one another. We both have the unlimited 1GB plan. We use it on wifi almost exclusively. I use “google screening service” but otherwise I don’t think we have any call blocking software. We do reboot regularly, but I haven’t noticed any correlation between this problem and how we use the phones. Help!!

Did the missed doctor’s call occur while in your home on Wi-Fi? Do you have good cellular reception in your home?

Thanks for responding! Yes, this occurred while in our home on Wi-Fi. Cellular reception is quite good. The wi-fi is usually pretty good, too, but there can be problems in certain areas.

I’m trying to put a mental model to this. So is the idea that, unless there is software somehow blocking a given call, it will always ring the phone first, unless it can’t - in other words, because both the wi-fi and the cell signals can’t connect?

The second call from the doctor occurred while she was talking to me, so clearly her phone was connected - in that case, to wi-fi. But typically, there is some notification when a new call comes in, but in this case there was nothing.

Yes, that’s correct.

That’s especially strange. This, and the fact that you have good cellular reception at home eliminate a bunch of troubleshooting steps. So much so that I don’t have much of an idea what’s going on. I’ll drop @jben’s name here and see if he might have any ideas to share. I’m temporarily stumped.

Thanks for trying. I’ll hope the other person can help. We don’t have that many apps on our phones, but meanwhile, I’ll ask her to put it in safe mode and see if that makes any difference.


  • I was not familiar with 'Google Screening service, however, I did find this hit that may apply, as it referencing updating the Google code?
  • Second cause could be Android Doze, which disables your phone’s WiFi to conserve battery.
    • Doze will occur always if the phone is not on the charger and it has been idle (screen off) for a period of time. We have seen the time to Doze range between 30-60 mins depending on phone and OS code level.
  • Phone call’s inbound to your phone sequence (AFIK)
    • Republic will 1st try to contact you via WiFi … if Android Doze has put your phone’s WiFi to sleep, a signal will be sent by Republic, (via your cellular connection) to try to wake it up … if this is successful then the call will be processed on the Internet and your WiFi … if this wake-up isn’t successful, the call will be routed via your specific cellular carrier. If that fails it will go to Voicemail.
  • I just made a minor update to the Managing Doze Mode - (phone is on WiFi) calls via cell | calls go to voicemail | calls are missed - Tips & Tricks - Member Community, and you may want to try the latest Doze Detect (still in beta)

Hi jben,

My wife doesn’t use the google screening function, and in any case, I’m pretty sure it only engages when unrecognized numbers call in. So it wouldn’t explain the problems we’ve both been having for years. Also, the cell signal is quite good at the house, so it doesn’t seem the “Doze” feature is the problem either. We don’t put a lot of apps on our phones, so I wouldn’t expect we have software interferring, but it’s always possible. I’m running my phone in safe mode for now to see if that helps. Is that worthwhile? Mostly, this is just a frequent annoyance, but sometimes - like today - we miss an important call. It doesn’t seem like it is asking too much to have a phone ring when a call comes in, and we’d sure like to get it fixed. I don’t know if this is useful, but it seems to occur more when we’re calling each other than when receiving calls from others, but then again, we talk together more than with others…


  • Running in Safe Mode is always a good way to determine if the problem is caused by a 3rd party app.

  • cell signal is quite good at the house, so it doesn’t seem the “Doze” feature is the problem

    • A good cell signal does not have anything to do with the phone going into Doze Mode … all Androids will go into Doze when not on the charger and not in use (screen off and phone not in motion) … a good cell only comes into play during the recovery phase

Oh. I thought that if the phone goes into Doze mode and can’t be recovered in time, the call will just be connected via cell, the same as if a wi-fi network were not available. Is that false?

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