Calls go straight to voicemail Moto E6

Never a problem with calls or voicemail until this issue where you have to inconveniently access your voicemails from the keypad.
Now irregular basis the Moto E6 drops calls (I guess that is what you call it) - the phone is sitting in front of me on wifi, and there is a voicemail from a party I am waiting on a call from - the phone hasn’t rung, and now I’ve missed a call needed to solve a problem with the IRS.

Is this issue of not getting calls related to the voicemail problem? Its one thing to not receive a casual conversation call, but when you are dealing with the IRS its quite another, and upsetting.

If I need to do something to fix this I will gladly do it.
Thank you.

To me, it sounds like Republic couldn’t find you either on WiFi or Cellular and sent them directly to Voicemail.

Thank you. I will do the Doze fix you suggested.
However, I was not waiting for the IRS - I was working with another institution before I phoned the IRS. I was not on hold a long time. I left a message to return my call so I didn’t have to be on hold - they phoned back but there was no call to be had, but rather a voicemail from that party.

OK the “doze fix” is for technical people. I am an old senior citizen. I tried my best, but have no idea what on earth I was doing, to accomplish what - way above me.
Anyway, I have the Macrodroid on my screen. If I continue to not receive calls I guess I’ll know I didn’t do something right.
And the suggested $25 item to buy is not an option for me.

Hi @evl,

Here’s the non-technical solution to the “doze” issue - if it’s truly “doze” that is causing the problem, then having the phone plugged into its charger will prevent Doze Mode. So if you’re waiting for a very important call and it’s convenient to do so, plug the phone in. Once you have answered the call, you can unplug the phone so you’re not tethered to the wall.


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