Calls going straight to voice mail

I’ve been having trouble for the last two days with my calls going straight to voicemail. The phone never rings.

Also (a separate issue), I’ve asked about this before, but I get an indication there is a message, and when I click on it, it goes to the Republic message hub and asks for my password, which it won’t take.

Any ideas on either? I’ve restarted the phone, as well as turned it off and back on. The first issue is very annoying, since I’m working from home and no one can reach me via phone.

On the going to Voicemail directly issue:

  • I assume this is over your WiFi?
  • Does this occur after the phone has set idle for a period? (I have observed this to vary from 5-60 mins
    • Quick check would be to leave the phone plugged in while working for a few hours and see if this helps

Yes, when I’m on Wifi. It varies. I had 4 calls go straight to voicemail within a period of a few minutes this morning. I charge my phone when it gets down to 20% or so, at the most.

  • The suggestion to put it on the charger was to provide a quick determination if the root cause of the problem is the Android feature called Doze. It’s purpose is to increase battery life by turning of things it considers ‘non-essential’, unfortunately, this includes the WiFi’s ability to Transmit or Receive anything. … depending on your phone’ cellular connectivity, a call may not wake the phone in time and the call is sent to Voicemail.
    • Give it a try for a few hours, then depending on the results I may have a fix to offer
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This sounds like what might be going on with my phone, too. On wifi
when the phone hasn’t been used in a while.

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