Calls going straight to voicemail in last few weeks

Just tried it (the Macrodroid solution to Doze Mode) and it didn’t work. Call went straight to voicemail.

This is relatively new for me, hadn’t been happening until a few weeks ago. I’m starting to get concerned.

Hi @bobgod8,

I’ve moved your post into its own topic so we can troubleshoot with you. (I also deleted one in another topic that basically said the same thing - not punitively, but so we can troubleshoot with you in one place rather than hopping about in different topics.

Can you tell us more about your situation? What phone do you have, does the problem happen consistenly on both Cell and Wi-Fi or is it unique to either? Do any calls ever ring the phone? Does the phone get a “missed call” notification or just the voicemail notification?

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Moto Z Play (Gen 1) (Not sure why it doesn’t show correctly in my account)
Also Moto G5 (Account for my wife, you can probably pull it up, it’s paid with the same credentials as mine)

Both on Android 8.0.0.
Both with latest Republic app.

We do not have Cell service at home, only WiFi. I have not tested at other wifi only locations, but this is reminiscent of previous issues like this that had been solved before. The problem seems to be similar to Doze, in that it can’t route over cell, and WiFi doesn’t wake up fast enough, except it happened literally while I was using my phone this morning; I missed a callback from Google that went straight to voicemail. So it’s not a sleep issue with my phone. Tested 3 more times and it never rang. As a workaround, I made an outgoing call and left it open until an incoming call connected. It rang through just fine. Since then, incoming calls (that I make to test this) are all ringing! So, clearly an intermittent problem. I will have to document every instance where this occurs with appropriate detail.

Your last question: it never displays a missed call notification when this occurs, only the voicemail icon. Now that it’s ringing through it does display one yes. But when it doesn’t ring, no missed call (that seems correct, just thinking about it…).

I have not noticed similar behavior with calls over cell, but we spend most of our time on WiFi, so this is not surprising. Including at work, where there is poor cell but plenty of WiFi. Republic is really an ideal fit for us lol.

Ok, that’s a good detail to have. That means the call is never reaching the phone. We see a lot of people who describe “calls never ring” and it’s because they have “do not disturb” turned on. Your calls are not reaching your phone.

I’m sure the Community will be reassured to know that no, I cannot look up your wife by payment details! Our staff does not have access to payment information. But I’d be interested to know whether she’s also having this issue. (I wasn’t sure from your inclusion of her, whether she’s also experiencing the problem). Your phone is limited to only one of our two cellular carrier partners. Hers, however, can take a SIM card from either of our carrier partners. If she’s having the same problem, I’d like to see if she has the same kind of SIM card you have, and if so, try the other one to see if she notices any improvement. You can use these instructions to tell us what kind of SIM card she has:

For your phone, since we can’t fix the cellular side of things, we’d need to ask some of our router gurus here in Community to offer some advice on any possible router configuration that might help make sure the phone can be reached over Wi-Fi after a period of inactivity. Some networks will put inactive devices to sleep (different from Doze Mode) to reserve resources. There may be other factors here, too. Could you tell us what kind of router you have and whether you’d be comfortable adjusting some settings with a little guidance from the Community?

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Yes, she sees the same behavior. Figured her account might be linked to mine but I guess not. Her G5 Plus has GSM service and SIM. CDMA wouldn’t really help anyway, there really, really isn’t cell coverage here.

I do not have do not disturb on. I have screenshots showing a complete missing call on the phone, that the web log of my phone’s activity has. So the call is getting logged, but never making it to the phone.

I set the router up myself and it’s worked more or less reliably for years, but I’m always open to suggestions. It’s a Buffalo Air Station WHR-600D running stock firmware version Ver.2.91(R17.46/B3.00). I think the only Republic monkeying I ever did was related to the SIP/ALG gateway setting, which is turned to whatever is appropriate that I’ve since forgotten. I do have VOIP traffic prioritized; my understanding is I can’t simply set a port forward because it hops around (and there’s multiple devices). It’s not set to sleep in any way, nor is it set to expire connections. It’s renewing them as appropriate, as well, as when I missed a call I was literally browsing online on it at the time. I really don’t think this is a phone or network sleep setting…it has to be specific to Republic calls, since I was able to browse web pages while not getting a call.

I must confess having it stop because of having a call in progress while receiving another call is disturbing.

Hi @bobgod8,

I was hoping @jben or @cbwahlstrom or one of our other router gurus would have a chance to chime in here by now. But while we’re waiting, I’d like to make sure you see this Announcement:

@southpaw, I’m watching this post with interest. I’m having the same issue going on for a couple of weeks as well.

My situation also involves WiFi calling at home.
(Moto G7, 1GB plan)

My phone fails to ring or put a notification in the phone history that a call came in.
I can get voicemail and I can get texts.
After I get a text and call the person back, I (as a test) asked them to call me right back after I hang up. The phone rings. But later on in the day…no ring.
As far as I know calls away from home (when I’m on cell), come through. But I’ll have to set up test to make sure. Anyway…I’m watching :eyes:

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Try having an outgoing call in progress when a call comes in. I know this sounds stupid but that seems to have stopped it for me…

To create that exact circumstance, call time and temp and leave the call open, then use Hangouts to call the phone from the phone. If you don’t have a Google voice number this won’t work, as you can’t dial out from Hangouts without one, but it’s fast and easy to get.

I’ve been using that procedure to test more reliably than waiting or asking others to call me.

Our app works very hard to keep incoming ports open so that in inbound call can come in. Some routers aggressively close ports making it hard to keep the lines of communication open. When an outbound call is placed the phone reopens the port and the timer starts anew. Instead of making a call try cycling off and on WiFi, anything that makes the phone reach back out to our servers should restart the timers.

We do not set the timers more aggressively than the standards call for because it would cause the phone to be woke-up too frequently draining the battery. Unfortunately some routers just get twitchy. Settings like ALG can make this worse.


Cycling WiFi didn’t work. Rebooting the phone didn’t work. Outgoing call live while call came in did. Make of that what you will.

I think we’re getting a little confused on why this is a problem. If I KNOW calls are being missed, then I can address the issue, but in most cases it’s impossible to figure out something ISN’T happening: no indication, see the problem? Preventing it from happening is the goal. And if the phone can browse webpages yet still not see an incoming call the issue is somewhere in the republic routing (though I absolutely agree it could be anywhere from your end all the way to my phone).

Turns out there is no SIP/ALG setting in this router, so I haven’t done anything bad with that. Must have been thinking of a previous router.

I don’t have any real router advice for this particular router. It doesn’t have configurable SIP ALG. I might eliminate all the QOS prioritization (it’s not really necessary unless you’ve got a pretty slow broadband connection), but that’s unlikely to be the problem here. I think, by default, beacon interval is already set to the minimum value. I’m not a big proponent of using Republic Wireless as a primary communications device without a cellular signal, but some do it.

I do notice choppier voice service without prioritisation, so I’d prefer QOS on. It certainly shouldn’t block anything. DTIM is set to 1, but it shouldn’t shouldn’t matter anyway because there’s no power management scheduled and it only applies during managed times.

I really don’t have a choice about cell service, there just isn’t service at the house. That is not a problem I can solve unless someone wants to send me a T-Mobile femtocell (or whatever T-Mobile calls theirs). I have a Verizon one from long ago, but that’s CDMA.

Hi @seanr
I have my doubt the issue has to to with my router. The router has not been changed (nor had an update) since this issue appeared. It’s configuration has been set with Republics suggestions (per router tweaking posts), for a long time now. I reboot the router (and my phone) often. My phone (Moto G7) had a security update, but the issue was happening before that. No new app have been installed since this has been going on either (tho app have been updating as normal).

I see @bobgod8 is saying

That would be a very strange fix and a rather hard one for me to set up.

Any more ideas would be appreciated.

If inbound calls stop working and an outbound call fixes it then the call routing port is closed. That is the issue. What is causing that state can be discussed but the state of a closed port on the router is the culprit.

This is different it sounds like the port is not open at all unless it is open from an active inside call. That sounds like the router is not respecting the keep alive standard at all.

So it got closed somehow, and then opened again by an incoming call, and now it’s open again…any idea how to KEEP it open? So this doesn’t happen again?

The phone is trying to do that by sending small outbound messages to our server (keep alive). Either some app on the phone is making those messages stop leaving the phone or the router is not respecting the messages anymore.

The end of that sentence being “intermittently.” That’s the part where I stop being able to diagnose and ended up submitting a ticket. Replacing all my hardware seems like nuking things from orbit, when they seem to work most of the time. It sounds like your answer is “it’s not working right,” but I don’t see anywhere to go from there.

I will continue to report if I see similar behavior in the future.

I bow to your knowledge @seanr :slight_smile:
I went back into my router setting and sip/alg were re-enabled. (They were set to off before, so I’m going to need to monitor it.)
I also had Qos on (without issue) but am turning it off and will continue testing.


Afik … If you have no cell coverage, when Android Doze kicks in (usually about 60 mins) you will give no connectivity and neither the Android/Republic recovery nor the MacroDroid workaround will be effective.

Have you tried the following,
Put phone in Airplane Mode and turn WiFi back on?
Reboot your network per Router Tweaks
Sorry, I am not home until next wed and have limited network access. + I don’t do cell phone typing well

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