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i had a call today and it went straight to voicemail. the phone didn’t ring. when i tried to play the message it would start try to play then restart again. like it was skipping.this happened last week all calls going straight to voicemail. i did a power off and wait then turn on . and the phone is working normal now… moto e4…there was a post that when the phone is in sleep mode and a call comes in the phone tries to answer with wifi then switches to cell and the message gets lost. is it possible to turn sleep off without powering the phone off? is sleep just a way to save battery.

Doze is Google/Androids way of increasing battery life, it does however turn off our WiFi (Transmit & Receive) after a period of time. ( I have seen this time as short as 5 minutes up to greater than an hour)
Extensive discussion and a possible ‘fix’ is documented in Managing Doze Mode - (phone is on WiFi) calls via cell | calls go to voicemail | calls are missed, but it is not effective for all phones and the latest version is still a work in progress.
The only way I can say we can prevent this is to leave the phone on the charger if you have a critical time period

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all my calls are going to voicemail. either on cell or wifi. i ordered a phone and i’m switching to boost mobile.

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