Calls in Republic Anywhere: when?


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Republic Anywhere

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We all feel tethered to our phones, but how do we stay connected without them?
Our calls, messages, and contacts should be able to follow us from one device to another.


Free from your phone, in sync with your contacts
One app provides calling and texting capabilities from any device.

I have Republic Anywhere on several Windows and Android devices, but none of them can do calls; they only do texting.

When is calling from the RA app going to be implemented?



While Republic has said it is something they are working on, they have not publicly given a date.



Hi. We are excited that you are excited for calling in Anywhere apps.

We are in the final stages of making this available to the Anywhere beta program. Are you in the beta program? If not PM me and I’ll see what I can do to include you.



I did message you, bsmith, and asked to be put in the beta program. Haven’t heard anything, and it’s been almost 2 months.

What’s the status?





I would like to join the Republic Anywhere Beta program. I think I am already on for Android, but how do I get on it for Windows?



at this point it’s close to new testers :frowning: (I’m not in it either)
it’s been over a year since they started Republic anywhere beta and they have not add new testers since then (the beta test started on Mac and Windows, then added iOS and Android, the most recent Beta test was for voice calling and was just a subset from the beta tester pool (who needed to sign off on some 911 issues before they could test)

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