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My call and message history is showing as occurring five hours later than when they actually occurred as viewed in Account Settings “View Calls & Messages”. Is there a way to correct this?


Hi @jillf.t0afwl,

I’m afraid not. The time stamps shown in online history are Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), currently 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.


Thanks rolandh. No problem. I will just make the calculations. I have my three kids on my account and I don’t want to needlessly scold them for texting in the wee hours of the morning if that isn’t actually the case! Good info to know!


Hi @jillf.t0afwl

Daylight savings time should also be considered when making your calculations, if that is relevant in your location.

Current local time in (UTC/GMT)


Since this is the 21st century, I really feel that the current time should show. If you are in pacific standard time, then pst should show. If you are in easter standard time then est should show. So Republic, this looks an easy fix. However it shows 5 hours ahead. Why is this so hard to do?


I can’t answer for the ease or lack thereof as far implementing display of local time in online call history. What’s displayed is Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). In case it’s helpful an online conversion tool is here:

Calls and messages should display the correct local time on one’s phone.


I think I should have asked the RW team. While I appreciate your answer, it is a single threaded approach. I am looking for a global approach.



You are, of course, free to ask anyone you wish. I believe you’ll find the answer from Republic support will be the same but do let us know if I’m wrong about that.

For what it’s worth, an earlier reply marked as the “solution” in this thread was marked so by Republic staff.


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