Calls no longer forwarding

I have always forwarded my calls from my land line to my cell but now I can no longer do it. Any idea on why? I have ATT on my land line and can forward it to any number except my Republic phone. Up till yesterday it seemed to work fine.

Hi @tngiants,

Here are a few questions to see if the Community can help sort this out.

  1. How are you determining that you can’t forward to your RW number? Does the AT&T phone give you any kind of error code or response, or does the forwarding simply fail?

  2. Can you call the RW phone from the AT&T phone?

  3. Can you forward the AT&T phone to another number in the same exchange (first six digits of the phone number.)

  4. Can you forward the AT&T phone to another RW number? (I’ll be glad to give you a number to try, if you don’t have one available.)

Calling our home phone, which was forwarded, would only get a busy signal from any phone. We tried unforwarding the phone and reforwarding and it wouldn’t connect. Tried forwarding to our other republic phone and it also wouldn’t work. No error code, just a busy signal. It would forward to any non-public phone just fine. Yes, you could call the republic phone just no forwarding. We called ATT and they were going to do some troubleshooting and a few hours later it was working fine again. I assume it was some issue between att and republic. We’ll see if it keeps working.

Sounds like it was just an issue with their forwarding system. Was probably not even attempting to send to us. I have seen it before. Pretty easy for the carrier to fix, usually.

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