Calls not coming through.go to voice with no indication


We have2 phones, motog4play and Huiewi, forgot model . both on $20 a month plan. A lot of our calls go to voice mail, some with notification and some not. our friends tell us they call and we dont answer, while we are at home with our phone, never hearing it ring. it is happening more frequently it seems as time goes by. we have opened help ticket, tried all their suggestions. Nothing has helped. I tried to switch to metro pcs, but our numbers will not port. It seems we are stuck with undependable phones. We both had RW service with older phones, and service was good. Since switching to $20 plan and new phones, our service has steadily gone down hill. Does anyone know how to transfer number to another carrier?


Hi @rong5
Where did you buy the phones from? If it was RW store has anyone checked if the G4 is CDMA or GSM? It sounds like the phones are in sleep mode and never wake up to receive the call normally. @billg worked on this extensively with a Samsung s7. Bill can you post your thread and fix to see if this helps this member. I can’t find your thread in this forum.


Moto was bought from Amazon. It is cdma. Huiwei is gsm, bought from RW. I tried everything help suggested. Problem only get worse.


If brought from Amazon with the BYOD SIM then the Moto G4 play is GSM [unless Republic converted it to CDMA after activating]


This is a possible fix for you!
Are your calls going to voicemail when your phone is sleeping?


ok. ive installed app and have it set up as you suggest. Time will help. thanks


Just report back if it works to fix the issue or not fix the issue.


ok. thanks


And the failing condition (phone goes to sleep and doesn’t wake on time for the WiFi call … then depending on the condition of Cell connection it can go directly to Voicemail) usually occurs after the phone sits idle greater than 1 hour. The fix that @billg and others discuss the phone to wake up every about 50 minutes


Just missed 2 more calls. Neither rang on my phone,only one showed on call log. Neither went to voice mail


Ok then it’s getting better. Can you change the wakeup interval as Jben has said in an earlier post. The suggestion was to wake up every 50 minutes…


I did


Do you see the open arch when 1st picking the phone up after an hour+ of idle time? Then it goes to solid Arc when the WiFi comes out of Doze. (that is the failing condition the MacroDroid program should prevent) … the MD’s log to ensure that the program you created is firing on the set time interval


I was not on WiFi, driving at time of both missed calls


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