Calls not going through on work WiFI

What phone do you have? Moto G7

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1GB Data

Issue Description

When I try to make or receive calls via the wifi at my workplace, they SEEM to connect, but actually don’t. I don’t get any error message or anything. What happens is that my phone immediately shows that it has connected (even while the other party’s phone is still ringing), it stays “connected” for precisely 7 seconds, and then it drops. During that 7 seconds, if the other party picks up, no sound is heard in either direction. And regardless whether they pick up or not, it drops at 7 seconds. If I turn off wifi on the phone, calls behave normally.

I use the phone over wifi at home, and have done so at other places. It’s only an issue at my workplace. What surprises me, though, is that I never get a notification about voice calls not being available, or anything.

I’ve checked via, and ports 5090 & 6543 both say they are open. But I don’t know whether that check is meaningful, or what else to look for. I’d like to either fix this, or find some way to tell my phone not to even try VOIP on this particular network. I hate having to turn my wifi off every time I want to make or receive a call.

  • Having 5090 & and the entire range 6000-29999 must be open. 5090 is for setup then a single port out of the range will be negotiated for passing data … the use of port quiz has been proven valid in past.
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The Republic App reports the status as "On WiFi: Connected to ssid " with a solid green arc.

As far as port quiz, I don’t know of any reasonable way to check the entire 6000-29999 range. But having checked a few random ports within the range, it always shows that the port is open.

You probably need to troubleshoot with your workplace IT department. If you can’t do that, I would probably install a VPN client on the phone and use it to either break, or fix (more likely break) Republic Wireless Wi-Fi calling. In that way your calls will most likely use cellular, and you can use the work Wi-Fi for your data needs.

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I work on a branch university campus, whose network is administered from the flagship campus. I think the odds of me even getting a response from them (much less a change) would be pretty minimal.

So @cbwahlstrom, can you give me some detail how to implement the VPN solution? I’m fine with just breaking the Republic-over-WiFi capability, as long as it’s something I can switch on & off depending on my location.


So, I use Private Tunnel, but I pay for it. A free option that I wouldn’t have any qualms using would be Proton VPN (from the developers of ProtonMail encrypted e-mail). You don’t get top speeds with the free version, but it should be plenty good for anything you need on a cell phone. It’s simply a matter of downloading Proton VPN from the Play Store, opening it up, setting up a free account, logging in, selecting a server, and turning it on. When you’re done, just turn it off. There are other free VPN options, but I don’t have any experience with them. Maybe another user will come along and sing the praises of something else.

The Play Store link is:

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