Calls not going to voicemail, can't access voicemail

What phone do you have? Motorola g play 2021

What plan are you on? wifi only

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? just talk & text

Issue Description

I have had issues with accessing voicemail since phone activation a few weeks ago. It works sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t. I have always had to dial in and press 1 to get to voicemail.

Now I’m having an issue where missed calls aren’t even going to voicemail. I’m the midst of a job hunt so this is a huge issue!

Hi @sarahp.uux9fo,

When missed calls fail to go to voicemail, do you have any idea what the caller hears, instead?

Is it happening all the time, or do some calls go to voicemail successfully?

When you open the Phone app do you see a voicemail tab at the bottom of the screen? If not, please see: Visual Voicemail Suddenly Missing – Republic Help


Thank you for the questions…I was helping my sister with her issues from a distance and asking these questions ultimately got us to the right answers and she is now fixed.


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