Calls on Wi-Fi break up on new phone


Was this ever resolved my new moto g6 is having the same problem.

Calls breaking up on wifi

Hi @ronaldv.wuiaam,

I moved your comment to its own topic because your issue is not the same as the one in the topic where you had originally posted, even though the symptoms are similar.

If you’d like to troubleshoot with our Member Community, could you let us know whether the issue is the same on various Wi-Fi networks, or only on one particular one?


Thanks for responding, I just got the phone so I have only used it on my home network which worked fine with older moto G phone.Yesterday call was so bad I had to hang up and tell the person I would call later. Sometimes words seem distorted and other times sentences are broken up. I have noticed a slight improvement if I turn off Bluetooth.
I did a speed test :
download 16.46
upload 2.50
ping 13
jitter 1


This thread died an early death huh ? In case someone could by chance have a solution I am relatively sure I have narrowed the problem down to a bluetooth issue. I have two devices that use the phone’s bluetooth my car and an extension phone system in my home, nether caused an issue with my previous moto g phone. Now if bluetooth is activated calls become garbled, choppy and on occasion have been so broken up I had to hang up. Turn bluetooth off and I do not seem to have any issues.
Since the phone is new I have a limited time to either fix it or send it back, any suggestions ?


Are there apps associated with these two devices? If so, remove one of the apps, then test with Bluetooth on. If the issue persists, remove the other app and test with Bluetooth on.

That will help you determine whether the issue is an app conflict.


There are no apps associated with either device.


Do you have any other apps with Bluetooth permissions?


No I do not.


Have you had a chance to test on a different Wi-Fi network and with Bluetooth on?


No but I would be puzzled why my network that worked fine with my older Moto G phone just days before would be an issue now.


I’m not really trying to find fault with your network, just narrow down the issue to the phone.

Does your network broadcast on both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz? The older Moto G (depending on how old) would have been on 2.4 Ghz, but the X4 could be on 5 Ghz. If you force the X4 onto 2.4 Ghz does the issue persist?


Well your asking me questions that are above my pay grade :slight_smile: It’s a Linksys E1000 router


They’re actually above mine, too. That’s why we have (and love) @jben…


I can tell you that I have a computer a printer a Roku and an internet radio that work fine and up until now Republic wireless worked fine for almost 5 years.


Let’s not forget the phone " likes " my network fine if I turn off bluetooth.


Looks like has only the 2.4 Ghz frequency band.

Let me just circle back around to the question about apps with Bluetooth permissions - there are some sneaky ones out there… like GasBuddy, Dunkin Donuts, RunKeeper… it might be worth testing the phone in Safe Mode.

Sure, I was just thinking there might be a conflict on 5 Ghz that’s not on 2.4, but we’ve ruled that out now.

I’d like to encourage you to watch this topic a bit and see if @jben or any of our other Community members chime in. We have some very knowledgeable members out there, but they are being shy today.

If you’re concerned about the 14-day Money Back Guarantee, go ahead and open a ticket with our Help team to start the troubleshooting process there. You might also consider contacting Motorola support.

I wouldn’t pursue troubleshooting with all three channels at the same time, though.


Sounds good, I have to go for now I’ll check back in later this evening. Thanks for your time today.


In the past some bluetooth issues were alleviated by turning off Scanning…so it’s worth a shot.
Settings -> Location -> Scanning

and disable Bluetooth Scanning.


As @southpaw has pointed out your E1000 is not a Dual Band router and only provides 2.4Ghz service. As you have verified by turning off Bluetooth you are able to connect, normally this is a strong indicator that your Bluetooth device may be the cause of problem (newer BT devices do a better job of sharing than the older ones did).

  • You may want to consider a newer router, and the choice depends on your ISP (Internet Service Provider), environment etc. I would suggest consulting with someone at Best Buys or Target and see what their recommendations are. You would want to get one from a store that provides easy returns if you can’t make it work.
  • A dual band router will allow you to move your phone to the 5Ghz band where the Bluetooth wouldn’t interfere, but the 5Ghz band will not carry as far within your house so that can be a limiting factor
  • You may also want to just consider an upgrade of your BlueTooth device, again I would rely on local big box for ease of returns.
  • Anything you decide, just update this thread with what you purchase and someone in the community will help you set it up and get it running if you do run into trouble


My Bluetooth device is a 2017 Mazda CX 5 everything was and has been working fine until I deactivated my old Republic Moto G and activated my new G6.