Calls on Wi-Fi break up on new phone


Thanks amitl I did try that didn’t seem to make much difference.


I’m guessing when you’re in your CX 5 your calls are on cellular rather than Wi-Fi, correct? At this point I would probably return the phone, or at least contact Motorola to see if they have any ideas:


Thanks cbwahlstrom My problem is not connecting to any of my bluetooth devices. My car is garaged close enough that if I turn on bluetooth they automatically pair up. Once paired my calls over wifi start to have quality issues.
Simplest solution would be to turn off BT but I have no landline phone but do have a Panasonic phone system that allows me to use several extension phones for calling and in case of emergency through my cell service ( Am I making sense ? ) If I turn off BT I will lose that option. Who knew spending 260 dollars for a new phone would cause all this ■■■■. :frowning_face:


I don’t think I completely understand. I have my phone paired to my car. It’s close enough that if the car were outside running (or in accessory mode), my phone would pair and connect, then all calls would go through the car’s Bluetooth (I wouldn’t be able to hear calls over the phone handset). With my car’s ignition in the off position, however, the phone will not and should not pair/connect. If you are paired/connected to Bluetooth, your call audio should only go through the Bluetooth device. I’m not clear through which device you hear the audio break up, and does it only happen when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi?


All I can tell you is since I paired the car and phone whenever I turned on BT it showed connected to Mazda, the good news is I made about half a dozen of changes last night and may have lucked up and fixed it at least I have been able to make a few calls since yesterday without an issue, so fingers crossed.


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