Calls ring on one but not another, blocked?

Hi @Obie

I have seen EH phone ring when a number blocked by the RW app calls. Verified they were blocked #s by missed call notification on mobile. Recall similar notifications recently such as message and open arc which may be related to your messages.

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Are you sure they were blocked by Republic or blocked by Android? if they’re blocked by Android we have no access to that database.


Blocked calls would not leave a missed call notification. I don’t think what you’re describing is related to @obie’s issue.


@seanr, @southpaw,

Is there a way to check what #s are blocked by RW? In Phone setting I see a list of blocked #s, are those by OS? Do I need to disable OS app to use RW? Noticed the RW blocker was disabled when checking. Had assumed the RW app was doing blocking. Thanks.

Hi @PlaneTherapist,

I split your topic off so @Obie’s troubleshooting is clearer.

The blocked numbers you see listed on the phone are numbers you’ve blocked with the Android option.

The only thing you need to do to enable Republic call blocking feature is to enable it in the RW app, there is no conflict between it and the Android blocking feature.

Calls blocked by the Republic Wireless app will not ring Extended phones.
Calls blocked by Android on your cell phone are blocked only for that handset. They will ring the home phones.

There is not a way for users to see the numbers blocked by RW.

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Android Pie

I just had another call that come through on the ATA but my cell phone did not ring. The call was coming from an unknown number in Orlando, FL (so I did not pick up the ATA phone). There is no notification on the cell phone at all under recents. So I am still not sure what is going on. I have uninstalled all call blockers for troubleshooting this. And yes, I do have DozeDetect 0.9.6 installed.

Any ideas?

In the Z4’s Phone app settings, do you have the Caller ID and SPAM filters enabled?

On my phone’s settings: Caller ID is enabled. All call blockers are disabled. And there should be a pop up of a call if anything is blocked. Do not disturb is off.

I have the native phone app as well as Drupe phone app. All settings for both are the same.

Another thing I notice is when both the ATA and my cell ring, the ATA will ring one or two times before my cell starts ringing. That is just an FYI and not a complaint.

I had the same issues with my MotoZ3.

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