Calls & Text in France via mobile WIFI device

Can anyone confirm the following:

  1. I will be able to make and receive both calls/texts to/from the U.S when I am traveling in France and I am connected to the Internet via a Internet hotspot or a mobile WIFI device. (I am planning on renting a mobile WIFI device to use while I am in France.)
  2. That I will be able to make calls and text to local numbers in France using Google Hangouts/Voice (which I have set-up on my Moto G5S Sport).

Thank you so much!

I can confirm talking and messaging with my granddaughter when she was in France last year. She was using her G5+ connected to WiFi.

Not knowing anyone in France she had no need to make local calls so we can’t speak to that.


For the most part yes it should work, it is currently recommend to put the phone in airplane mode and manually turning back on WiFi before one leaves the US


Could she receive calls as well. Could you call her from US to France?


Thanks. I note that the info from Republic says "you will, generally, be able to make calls and send text messages" Does this also mean that I will be able to receive calls and texts?

My apologies if I am making this too complicated.


Yes, I called her and she called me. Mostly, however, we messaged. She did keep her phone in Airplane Mode with WiFi enabled as @drm186 mentioned.

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Thank you so much!

The tricky part for us was knowing what time it was on the continent we were calling. Nothing ruins your night more than a call at 4 a.m. even if it is from a loved one.


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