Calls to voicemail

moto e4 all my calls are going to voicemail. once in awhile it will ring but most of the time it don’t

Hi @nickf.tezg0v

Is this happening when the phone is connected to WiFi or cell?

Does this happen when you are home or out and about?

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it did ring at home on wifi, so it’s going to voice when on cell

Are you able to text in the areas where you don’t get calls? Do you have good signal strength in those locations?

i have no problem with texts. i haven’t been more than two miles from home in awhile.

Good job narrowing it down to cell calls! Do you get a missed call notification?

no, they texted me later and said there calls are going to voicemail. i never new they called.they must hang up without leaving a message.i think if they leave a message i get notified.sometimes the phone will alert me when im near it and the call goes direct to voice. all on cell.

Thanks for the additional details. they help clarify whether the calls are ever reaching your phone. We see a lot of questions where people have the phone in “do not disturb mode” so the calls are reaching the phone, but they just don’t hear it ring.

It looks like you may be in an area where neither of our carrier partners has particularly strong coverage. I notice you have some older conversations in Community where you were using a Moto E2. Did you have many places with that phone where calls didn’t reach you? The reason I ask is that the Moto E2 had coverage through our partnership with Sprint, but in many cases our new phones are equipped for coverage through our partnership with T-Mobile. I’d be glad to send you a SIM card so that you could try the coverage on Sprint’s network and see it’s a better choice for your area.

the e2 was cdma this one is gsm. the e2 calls were perfect but i had no cell data.this e4 works fine mostly. i fooled with the do not disturb setting again. then set the sleep time to 30 minutes it was on 5 minutes. i deleted a couple apps. today i received 3 calls while out driving around. on cell. so what did i change that mattered i don’t have time to try each thing i did one at a time. i found the do not disturb setting confusing. i’m not good with instructions. but i’ll fight for your right to print them in 3 lang wig gis’s

i changed the sleep function from 5 minutes to 30. and usually i let it go to sleep but now i turn it off. would it matter?

Hi @nickf.tezg0v,

I don’t think you changed anything that made this happen. I think it’s coverage-related.

When you say, “The E2 calls were perfect but I had no cell data” do you mean you were on the $10 plan and didn’t buy data, or do you mean you were on a plan that included data, but it was not available in your area?

i had three calls today and no voicemails. i was on the $15.00 plan. i had data cause i sent a picture once but it took a couple minutes but i was up on the roof and the receiver was in the house under me.

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