Calls using data?

I read in another post that all of the phone calls are using data but text messages aren’t. Then in another post it said that if you use all of your data, you can still make phone calls. Can someone please explain? Is there another way to make calls (besides wifi) that doesn’t use data? Before we had a data plan, we had service and were making phone calls. Now that we have data, it is being eaten up and I can’t see the detail on the account to show me how it is being used. Thanks.

Hi Margaret. Welcome back to the community. Neither calls nor texts use data that you may have purchased. The both work on the plan without data and in addition will work if you’ve run out of data on a plan that has data.

Now the confusing part is that on the newer phones Republic’s texting does use data, and call set-up can as well, but not USER data. Meaning any data used by calling or texting isn’t counted against any data you’ve purchased.

Hi @margareto.w21pum,

This detail is available on the phone. If you’ll let the Community know which phone you have, they can tell you where to look for it.

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I have Moto E4 (16GB) (Black)

With the Moto E4, you should be able to see where data has gone to within the Republic Wireless app. The second tab of the Republic Wireless app should give you more details on cellular usage.

Android has some built in tacking of data as well. You can go to the Settings app :settingsicon: and look for Data usage near the network settings. For my phone, it is under Network and Internet , data usage, then App data usage (but yours may be different). This is the basic tracking that the phone does and may provide some insight.

There are also other apps that can help track data but they only work after you install them.

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