Camera busy

My phone camera isn’t working. I get a message that says “camera busy”. Camera unable to start. If this repeats please power off your phone and restart. I have tried this numerous times and it still isn’t working. Any ideas?

Hi @ceciliaf.vyugeu,

I got the same message and situation when the camera failed on my Moto X (1st gen.). Only the front facing camera worked and there was no button to switch cameras (another indicator the camera had failed).

First, let’s put the phone in safe mode to see if the camera works. Safe Mode If the camera works, then an app is interfering with the camera.

If the camera doesn’t work in safe mode, then you can perform a factory reset. Factory Reset If the camera still doesn’t work, then it is definitely a hardware failure.

I used this company to repair my camera since the phone was out of warranty. They did an excellent job and warranty their work.

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