Camera crashes repeatedly

**What phone do you have?Moto e4

What plan are you on? talk+text+1G

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

Last few days I’m taking pictures of sunrise and camera app… crashes. Pop-up says close camera app and retry, but doesn’t work. Restarting phone does fix bug temporarily but next day same story.

Hello @charlesm and welcome to the Community!

I would try going into your Moto e4 settings>apps>camera app.
I would then force stop it. Then click on “storage” and clear the cache and clear storage.
See if that helps the camera behave.

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thanks for the suggestion, but same result. take a pic = popup, “camera error. please restart”

Hi @charlesm,

Candidly, you may be looking at hardware failure of the camera. To further rule out potential software issues:

Please clear both the app and, if applicable, the Android system caches: How to Clear Cache on Android – Republic Help. If after these steps normal operation is restored, you’re done.

If clearing the cache(s) doesn’t sort things the next step is safe mode: Safe Mode – Republic Help. Safe mode is intended to be a diagnostic tool not a permanent solution. If your phone behaves better while in safe mode, there is a third party app at the root of the issue. You’ll need to identify and remove that app.

If all else fails, it’s time to factory reset your phone: How to Factory Reset a Cell Phone – Republic Help. Please know a factory reset removes all user content stored on your phone. Presuming your phone is stable enough to do so, please note Republic’s guidance for backing up that content prior to proceeding with the factory reset.

The phone has been giving me other problems so it could be a hardware problem, not a RW issue. But thanks for the advice

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