Camera for good travel pictures?


I am going on a trip and thinking about buying a better smart phone with nicer camera instead of buying a stand-alone camera. I want to pay 2-$400l Any suggestions? I do not know how to do special lighting ect on a camera. I generally just point and shoot.


Hi @dianeo.x8l6kz

Here is a link you may find helpful.,review-2927.html

What phone are you currently using?.

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The Pixel and Pixel 2 phones have the best camera!
But they are pricey flagship phones.

I have a Pixel XL and its the best camera ever!

The 1st gen Pixel can still be found for a good deal for around $500 or less.
Much less used on

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I have moto G 1st gen?


Hi again @dianeo.x8l6kz

I thought, from your OP (original post), that your budget was $200-$400.

The Moto G 1st Gen, is/was a budget phone. Any new-to-date phone will likely have a much better camera. A $230 phone (moto G5+) are light-years ahead of the Moto G1).

Then again, if the G1 was OK, there are less expensive phones (<$230, with OK cameras) that are supported.

Can you give us a pixel count or resolution preference?.

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I was hoping to print out some pics from our travels. larger than 8 x 10. I don’t know anything about resolution or pixels…


At your chosen price range, the Moto G5 Plus is highly regarded:

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