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The front facing camera quality on my Moto G4 plus Android 7 is now better than rear facing camera! a few months (or more) ago I noticed how terrible my camera quality was. Blurry etc. Just did a selfie and could not believe my eyes. Quality 100 time better. What happened? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Checked setting, did safe mode boot up, still clueless. Help!

Hi @bettyyoungweber

Here a few things to look at :thinking:

On the software side:
You can try clearing the cache of the camera app you use. You can also try (for testing purposes), downloading a different camera app from the Play Store to see if you get a better result.

On the hardware side:
Look closely at the camera lens. Does it have any fine scratches or haze around the lens? Searches online show that can be a major issue with the quality of pictures with the Moto G4 Plus.

Please come back to the Community and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Will do. Thanks for quick response.

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Oh dear. I should have seen that. The lens got messed up big time. No cleaning works. Not sure what happened. Any solution to getting a new forward facing camera lens/cover?

(It’s the rear camera right?)

Edit: ( I removed a link that was for repair of the “camera”, not the lens covering that you need)

Any other help? Getting into the Lenovo community was insanely not helpful. Still can’t get the sign up in to work.

Yes rear. Sorry.

Googled. Thanks.

Here is where you can “Request a Repair”

After clicking on that button you can sign up for a Moto ID (or use the Google account you signed into your phone) to start the process of repair.

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