Camera update broke zoom

A few days ago my phone, a Moto G 5th Gen Plus, got an update to the built in camera app. The interface is quite different. I honestly don’t see much useful in this update. However, with the update I lost the ability to zoom in when taking a picture. I can still zoom in the video recording mode, it is only when taking a still photo that I can no longer zoom. Has anyone else had this problem? I backed out the update and so am using the “original factory” version of the app and am happy enough, but I suspect I will have to be careful with update going forward to make sure I don’t inadvertently update the camera app.

My wife made the same complaint when she first used the new Moto camera interface.
The o;d camera interface allowed a pinch to zoom while the new interface just needs a single finger slide up in the view screen to zoom in [slide down to zoom back out]
I will note the old camera interface also allowed the single finger slide which is why I didn’t notice this until my wife complained about it


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