Camera will not work

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moto x4

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My Choice

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data, talk, & text

Issue Description

The camera app will not open, screen goes black. After a second try, the screen goes black and a pop-up comes up which says, “Camera keeps stopping”
The camera will operate from within messenges, facebook messenger, and whatsapp, but the camera app itself will not open.
I have tried removing the cache, and factory resetting the app. It will not open in Safe Mode either.

Have you updated the camera app? Please open Google Play Store app and see if there is an update for the Camera app.

Also check to see if there are any pending system updates. If you’re on Oreo, it might be:
System Updates

If on Pie, it might be:

If this doesn’t fix the error messages, you can contact Motorola, their contact website has link for Live Chat:



Does your Moto x4 have a Moto camera app that you’re using? You might try to install (from the play store) the “Google camera” app and try that to see if you get better results. :crossed_fingers:

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The app is updated and my system is updated. It also doesn’t work after a factory reset. But it works with the third party app called open camera. Must be an issue with the Motorola camera app itself that they haven’t fixed yet.

Yes it does. The app send to be the issue. I couldn’t find Google camera but I found Google’s cardboard cashers and the app “open camera”, which both work. Thank you for inspiring me to try to look for another camera app again. (The first one I found was just as so I had quit trying, afraid to get a virus or something).

Hi @nicolen.ig5zik

Happy to hear that suggestion inspired you.
This is the app I was thinking of for you to try.
Google Camera

You’re probably better off using the Open Camera or whatever app you like and works.

Hmm. The Google Camera link says that the app is only compatible with late model Nexus and Pixel phones. The OP has a Moto X4.

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Generally Google Camera runs only on Pixel and Nexus phones. It is not a general release item. I’m not sure why it was recommended for the X4. It might be compatible with the Android One version of the phone (maybe) but certainly won’t work with the regular version.

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Hi @nicolen.ig5zik,

Just checking in to see if you’ve found an acceptable solution to get your camera working?

The alternative camera app could take pictures, but the original non-working camera app was the only one that was used by other apps, like messaging and banking, or if the phone was locked. So, none of that worked. I returned the phone. It was clearly defective after multiple factory resets failed to resolve the issue.


My opinion, for what it is worth, is you made the right decision.

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