Can 1.0 plans get data for a month?

I have the old 1.0 plan that is 5 bucks a month for calls and texts and data only on wifi. I love this plan. I do not want to lose it long term.

I have to go out of town on a couple of business trips over the next month and would like to switch to a data plan for a month, but I am concerned that if I do I will not be able to switch back to my 5 dollar a month plan at the end of the month. I have gone through some of the documentation here on the site, but I am not certain as to the answer.

Is there any clarification for this?

See here for detailed info about plan changes on the 1.0 plan…

Yes, you can return to the $5 WiFi only plan once you are done with your business trips and no longer have the

need for cellular coverage.

You are allowed two plan changes per billing cycle. So if you move up to the $25/month plan…then once your

need is done…return back to your $5/month plan…that counts as 2 plan changes. If you have second business trip within the same billing cycle, you will not be able to move up to the $25/month plan until the beginning of your next billing cycle. In that case your best option is to simply stay on the $25/month plan until you no longer have need for cellular data.

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