Can a reset and data wiped MotoX (1st Gen) be used with a European SIM card?

My prior phone was a MOTO X (1st Gen.) When I got my new phone I reset the old phone to remove my data and information. It will still turn on and go through the start-up steps but knows nothing else. I am planning a trip to Europe and want to know if I can use a European SIM card with this scrubbed Moto X (1st Gen) phone. Do you have any thoughts or ideas about this planned use of the phone? Thanks for your help. We all really appreciate your willingness to aid us unskilled users.

It can not. The legacy phones (Moto Defy XT, Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 and E2) have a custom ROM that prevents them from being used with any other SIM Card.

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A variation of what you’re thinking of might work. It’s possible the new phone can use a European SIM (there would be no need to wipe or otherwise factory reset it). May we know the brand, model and generation of the new phone?

The process would be to temporarily move Republic service back to the Moto X1 for the duration of your travel to Europe, thereby freeing up the new phone for use with a European SIM. You’d switch Republic service back to your new phone upon return home. If this might be of interest, it would also help us to know how long you’ll be outside the U.S.

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Thanks so much for your prompt and appreciated response. That was just what I needed to know.


Thanks for the suggestion. I think that might work,but I think I’ll play it safe and just get a cheap “burner” phone for the time I’ll be in Europe.


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