Can I activate my new rw phone with the sim locked

I was activating my moto x 1st gen and it wouldn’t finish I was getting a message that my sim was locked out and restart, after that I still can’t activate so I did a factory reset and updated all apps and getting the message that there is a sim card error and that it may be faulty. I tried reinstalling it but still no go. Did multiple restarts also, I have downloaded the rw apps and I get the activation screen but it stops and says to go to help. I have a ticket open and been waiting for a reply on this for over 24hrs. someone with republic must know what’s going wrong here. I want buy a plan I need a phone! Can anyone here help please?


Hi @kenf.52lzo9 ,

You mention that you updated all your apps after factory resetting. Is the Facebook app on the phone? If so, please remove it and reboot the phone. Let us know if that doesn’t help, and I’ll look in on your ticket.

Hi there is no Facebook app installed. I have been trying for 3 days. Ticket# 1002962

had my ICCID - IMEI - and MEID checked with live support and they are good to go. Both rw apps are installed, great wifi, upgrade operating system to latest 5.1 Lollipop, I get the activation screen and it starts but says it can’t verify the phone. I have an account and check but says no phone detected.

Should I be able to activate without the sim?

Hi @kenf.52lzo9 ,

You should be able to activate the phone with the SIM card removed. So if you can’t we need to sort out what’s going on.

Could you please share a screenshot of the error you are seeing, not here, but in your ticket? And if you’ll also indicate in your response in the ticket whether you were able to resolve the issue you were having with the Google Play Store, that will help them know with certainty what the current state of the phone is.

In fact, if you’ll let them know the version # of the RW app that is currently installed on the phone, that may be helpful, as well. Oops - never mind. I see we’ve already checked on that.

I’m checking in with the our technical team to see if someone could help you.

Thanks for your help southpaw@rw

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