Can I activate to a 5.0 Plan?

I’ve been an existing RW customer for past 7 years. I am trying to change from an MOTO X (gen2) phone to a Pixel 3 phone. Because the MOTO X had an obsolete SIM card I was told by RW I needed to upgrade to the new 5.0 plan. Oddly I was told I needed to order the new plan using a different e-mail address. I’ve completed the ordering the process, using a different e-mail address as required, and have received the a SIM card needed for my new phone.
This is where I need help. The SIM card comes with the “Getting started is easy” packet which says to put the SIM in the phone and go to site.
I want to keep my existing number so I’m told I need to enter my account number and something called a PortOut PIN. Question- where are these numbers? I’ve logged into the RW site using the new e-mail ID that was required to order the 5.0 plan and am unable to find either. Question - do I have separate accounts and PIN per e-mail, or is it the same account / PIN just multiple e-mails? Question - the RE site says existing RW customers are unable to activate 5.0 plans. Per the note, they’re working on this and will let people know when it’ll be ready. Am I a new customer since I had to use a different e-mail id to place my order, or am I an existing customer who is simply using a different e-mail?
I’ve opened tickets and haven’t heard back, I’ve tried calling and they just tell me to follow the instructions on the RW site. Is there anyone who can help?

You must sign in to your OLD phone account and set the PIN there as instructed at the link here:

The account number is your 10-digit phone number (no dashes).

The accounts are separate (for now, moving to the new 5.0 plans requires this clunky process involving setting up a separate account).

You are a current user. The alert is focused on users like you, who are moving their numbers from legacy phones to the new 5.0 plans.

You will need to wait to activate the SIM card until the issues referenced in the alert are resolved.

(FYI - I also just responded to your ticket.)