Can I activate with a new number, test it out, cancel, activate later to transfer my existing number?

OK, then another question pops to mind:

I just got my wife’s Christmas gift phone in the “St. Nick” of time (Thank you RW), and will be activating tomorrow.

Can I activate it, test its capabilities for the next week, then cancel the line, and:

  • If it didn’t work, return the phone.
  • If it did work, and start a new plan and do the port from old RW line?

And if it works I think someone posted the old GSM plans were going away next year, if that’s true I’d be ordering a new phone for my daughter as well. If the AT&T doesn’t work for us, we would probably have to switch.

My wifes job requires her to be reachable 24/7, so going without her current number is not an option. So switching away from a currently working CDMA to unknown network with no mode to switch back is a deal killer.


Our return and refund policy is 30 days for the activated plan, and 14 days (from receipt) for the phone. Let me stress here for anyone reading, you are talking about activating it with a NEW NUMBER, not transfering your wife’s existing number.

No. There is a CDMA network shutdown in 2022. There has been no notice of termination of our legacy plans, though you may have seen member speculation in various topics.