Can I add ATT SIM to 3.0

I currently have Moto E 2nd gen with rebate program.

I frequently don’t have service when my friends on ATT do.

I’ve had Tmobile before and it wasn’t good outside of city.

It’s also unacceptable to not have roaming data.

I would like to buy a Moto G, and then buy a ATT card for when I don’t have republic service. Will this work?

FWIW I don’t use phone or text. Only data.

Yes, that will work, but it might be a bit expensive. When you write “buy a Moto G” I presume you mean a G4.

You may want to widen your list of providers. Best MiFi Plans, No Contract Hotspots

@marshallh ,

Never saw a hotspot device near the size of a SIM card.

Many of the companies on that list simply sell a data-only SIM/plan. I use a data-only SIM in a phone in my RV for tethering.

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