Can I add GB to the Moto G5S Plus?


I see that the Moto G5S Plus comes in either 32GB or 64GB but Republic Wireless only has the 32GB available at this time. Is there a way to add more GB to the phone after it has been purchased?


The Moto G5S+ supports Micro SD cards up to I believe 256GB.

Motorola has documentation for the Moto G5+, which will basically have the same steps as the G5S+.,6720,10165


@Burusutazu, great, thank you so much!!


This is the stated Internal Memory, adding a SD Card does not change this, and various manufactures change the usage of the SD Card memory See this


@jben, so does that mean that adding an SD card would not increase my storage space then? I’m not very tech savvy so all of this is hard for me to understand! So the 32GB would be my total amount for storage with no way to increase. I mainly use my phone for calls, text, online shopping, FB and taking loads of pictures of my kids. I just want to make sure I can take lots of pictures without having to delete a bunch every few months!



SD will increase storage space but many apps can’t be moved to SD.

The 64GB ROM version also comes with 4GB RAM versus 32GB/3GB.

If you’re ready to purchase Newegg .com has the Grey 64MB version on sale for a couple of days for $260 using code EMCSBCDR3. If purchase a elsewhere (other than RW) you would need to also purchase a RW SIM card.


Actually the reference that @Burusutazu provided in the first response gives a chart of the various usage specifically for 'Using an SD card - Moto G Plus (5th Gen.) ’ … you would pick Internal or Storage … see the :motohelp: Help App avail on your phone … found here :appsicon:


@williamo.vkbg0s, is the coupon code exclusive to your email address? I just tried it and it wasn’t working! Regardless, the option of the 64GB is great!



Shouldn’t be exclusive to email.

Appears gold one doesn’t qualify.

Did you scroll to bottom of cart page to see if discount was applied?

Prior to advising of the sale/code I entered a brand new icloud email and the code worked. I just created a new Newegg account using one of my other emails and the code worked.


@williamo.vkbg0s, got it now! I had the blush gold in the cart at first. Thank you!!


You’re welcome and glad it works.


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