Can i bring a Google Pixel phone?

friend gave me Google Pixel phone, can i bring it? how? what’s needed to keep my number? what do i need? what don’t i need?

I would start here


Hi @barabbas, you can bring the Pixel to Republic Wireless. The first thing you will need to do is get a SIM card. Once you have the SIM card, you will need to install the Republic Wireless app and it will guide you from there. You can move your number from an existing Republic Wireless phone or from another phone on another carrier.

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Hi @theresar, thanks so much for the quick reply. Phone came from a friend, he thinks it doesn’t have a SIM?

Can i just pull the SIM from my current phone?

would it need to be unlocked? he thinks it is CDMA not GSM

All Pixels are both GSM and CDMA network capable. Most Pixels are already unlocked. If this is a 1st Generation Pixel purchased for use in the U.S. it will work with Republic (even if it’s a “Verizon” Pixel).

For more insight on that, we would need to start with the brand, model and generation of the current phone?

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ok @rolandh, i currently have a Moto E 2nd Gen

do we know if Google Pixel XL, it is 1st Gen, has a SIM?

Even if it did, unless it was previously used on Republic, it wouldn’t be the needed Republic SIM.

The SIM in your Moto E2 is phone specific and cannot be used with another phone. Would you be comfortable sharing a zip code? As you may know, Republic offers more than one coverage option for many of its newer compatible phones including Pixels. We’d like to be certain you get the best coverage option for your area.

Further, I wish to be certain, you are aware moving from your Moto E2 to the Pixel means giving up the grandfathered plan attached to the Moto E2. Republic’s newer compatible phones require the My Choice plan options noted here: Cell Phone Plans – Republic Wireless.

right, i guess more to the point is what if the Google Pixel XL does NOT have a SIM? then I am out of luck as far as bringing it with me right?

What about the SIM in my wife’s Moto X Pure? can IT be switched?


and yes, I know, bummer. I may not be the one using the Google Pixel XL though, so might be able to cling to the past a bit longer. :slight_smile:

It’s entirely possible to obtain a SIM for the Pixel XL. May I send you some information privately on that?

how does that work? the privately part

and doesn’t Republic have a SIM?

Hi @barabbas,

Yes, Republic has a SIM. You may see the private message I sent you linked here:

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